I’m sure we can all agree that the MILFcast is the greatest movie podcast on the ol’ intraweb. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to MILF all the time. Though, lord knows you’ve tried. So, I present you with the best of the rest. These are the most entertaining ones I’ve stumbled upon. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re definitely worth your time. Here they are (in order):

SIDENOTE: These are not amateur podcasters. I’ve excluded those so as not to offend any of my podcasting buddies out there. I’ve also left myself off so as to appear as though my ego isn’t as large as it truly is!


Great for people who love movies. Jeff Goldsmith talks with screenwriters and filmmakers after their newest films are shown in CS’s screening series. He questions them about how they got their start, their past work and then goes in depth regarding the film featured on the episode. What’s great is hearing all the stories about how hard the business is and how BS Hollywood can be. If you’re skeptical, start with the Christopher McQuarrie episode. While his resume (Usual Suspects, Way of the Gun) is small, he has stories to tell and does it for around 2 hours. A great guest and perfect example of what this podcast has to offer.


This one’s new to me but I absolutely love it. Kevin Smith has slowly built a small podcasting empire. While SMODcast (with Scott Mosier) is fine and dandy, they rarely talk films anymore and get quite sidetracked in general with the exception of their very funny live SMODs. However, this one is all movies and laughs and features Smith with Ralph Garman (of the Kevin & Bean morning show on the world famous KROQ in LA). Garman is one of the few people that can keep up with Smith and make him laugh… and his impressions are amazing. Good times!


You want serious film discussion that doesn’t take itself too serious and won’t put you to sleep? Well then the *slash*filmcast is for you. Hosted by David Chen, with cohosts Davindra and Adam, the /filmcast discusses what they’ve been watching, movie news and a thorough film review discussion complete with a spoiler filled discussion at the end with plenty of warning given if you don’t want the film spoiled for you. /filmcast also has great interviews and guests… they also have an “After Dark” for every episode where they leave the mic on and keep talking film. Entertaining for all but especially for you film geeks out there!


Probably my favorite podcast out there because everytime I listen I find myself grinning from ear to ear if not laughing out loud. Host (and comedian) Doug Benson welcomes guests that include everything from comedian buddies to celebrities (like Kevin Pollack, Jerry O’Connell, Elizabeth Shue, etc.). They typically discuss films, make jokes and play the Leonard Maltin game which was big inspiration for our game over at…

1. MILFcast.

If you know me at all, you knew it was coming so wipe that look off of your face. If you don’t know me, then check out my podcast. It’s #1 on some random blog’s list and the intraweb never lies!


16 Responses to “MY TOP 5 MOVIE PODCASTS”

  1. You are such a narcissist! I love it!

  2. Editor In Chief Says:

    well played!

  3. After your epic display on Film Enigma I can’t believe I didn’t make top 5 :P. Granted if you listened to the latest episode you’d know Nick from R2D2 had a much harder time of it :).

    I saw Doug Benson perform when he came to Raleigh a few months back for my birthday. Was fun, and I keep meaning to check out his podcast but I never do :\

  4. No time for love, Dr. Jones – I don’t listen to anything but LAMB-produced ‘casts – that keeps me more than full of them. Though I’ve heard countless people go on about the /film cast.

  5. I have to admit, amateur podcasts are the starting point: Chen and Hardawar, at one point were not associated with an all-access blog like slash film blog.

    I think, THE HOLLYWOOD SALOON is a podcast which is absolutely flawless and would deem it professional. Certain podcasts – and yours if im honest – would be one of the first (before alot of others – currently KERMODE/MAYO a BBC radio film show – comes afterwards!). Thats not because I can speak to you personally, but because it can be good.

    And ‘amateur’ ones have fallen by the wayside. I have every intention of doing something similar on my blog – but when I do – I shall be brutally honest and be quite sure of who I listen to first – professional or not.

    Kai … if someone PAID you for your podcast would that change it in any way?

    just a thought!

    • Wait… were you saying MILF is good or bad? I’m confused.
      I’m aware that the /film guys were amateur first. If someone paid me to do mine and asked me to change certain things I would consider it depending on what they wanted. I’m still tweeking things so I would make changes that make it better but not reformat it. I like the games and the humor aspects so those would always stay.
      As far as being honest, I would hate to say (Just Hypothetically) that I like say Matineecast better than LAMB or Vice Versa cuz I listen to both regularly and enjoy them. I’d hate to give the wrong impression. I may still do one and avoid ranking them in order.’The point of this post was to talk about non-LAMB podcasts and maybe it was just a poor choice of words.

      • In the first instance, I LOVE your podcast. My point is that currently I prefer your podcast over certain paid-for-podcasts. There are more ‘professional’ podcasts out there, sure, but, I prefer the banter you have to the banter the paid-for podcasts have. (Not all of them… just some! ha ha!) thats just me i guess.

        i think thats the bottom line and I think if i was to do a list (which becomes more likely everytime i read these ‘favourite podcasts’ posts) I will be brutally honest because us unprofessional podcasters need all the help we can get to know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong – we can’t interview Trent Reznor (slash film) or have a guest spots with Jim Cameron (creative screenwriter).

      • First off, I wasn’t fishing for a compliment. I seriously couldn’t understand a fucking word you wrote… haha!
        Second, I say do it then. I would if I could find a creative way to do it because you are right. We’d all like to get paid to do our thing and we need all the help we can get to make the best podcasts we can.

  6. I think (a) im upset I didn’t make it – amateur or not – and (b) i am deemed amatuer.

    And I am.

    But I sure as hell don’t want to be! ha ha ha!

    • “Ametuer” just refers to anyone not being paid or sponsored. I shoulda said people I know. I actually listen to fellow LAMB podcasts before I listen to these but didn’t want to offend. But Simon and Jo Show is on the short list of podcasts I subscribe and listen to so don’t take offense!

      • I would’ve thought you, of all people, wouldn’t be worried about being brutally honest and taking on the people who are offended! With all the cuss words on your podcast! ha ha!

      • haha… honestly, I’m not but I’m also not trying to be dick! I’ve made friends with a lot of the podcasters we listen too and wouldn’t want to try and offend them.

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