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I got 5 bucks says you love this list. I also got 5 bucks says you may not like it. It’s not the smart way to gamble but I never lose any money so is that really a bad thing?

I really wanted to do a Top 5 Poker Movies list but there aren’t many out there and, of the ones that are out there, I don’t feel like watching them all. My apologies to Kenny Roger’s The Gambler… and his chicken establishment. They’re no KFC!

So, I’ve widened the field to include all forms of gambling. Here’s my Top 10 (in order):


Swingers only comes in at #10 because, technically, it is not a gambling movie. However, it does feature one of the greatest and most comical gambling scenes ever caught on film. It also taught me what Double Down meant and made the phrase “Vegas, Baby! VEGAS!” legendary. Continue reading


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I was recently relistening to an older episode of The Film Cynics radio show that featured my co-host for the MILFcast, the one and only Heather Roddy. On the show, she was asked to give a list of her Top 5 Time Travel movies. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE Heather’s lists. Next to me, she’s probably the best around! However, while listening, there were some great films for this sub-genre that I noticed failed to be mentioned.

As a result, I feel compelled to throw my 2 cents out there because, honestly, I think Time Travel might be my favorite kind of film. So, I present to you, my fine feathered friends, MY TOP 10 TIME TRAVEL MOVIES. Here they are (in order):


I’ve been pimping this movie on this site for months and no one that has taken me up on my recommendation so far has been disappointed. The only problem is I’m not sure if it’s technically a quote-un-quote “Time Travel” movie. It may in fact ba a parallel dimension movie. For that reason, it merely gets an honorable mention but if I get proof to the contrary it would easily shoot to #5 on my list.

10. THE TIME MACHINE (2002).

This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I know most people tend to prefer the original film adaptation of this H.G. Wells classic but I have a soft spot for the Guy Pearce version. As cheesy as the film can be, there are some great images in this film (such as the moon cracking to pieces) and I love where this film takes this Time Travel story after starting as a search for lost love type of film. Continue reading


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I’m sure we can all agree that the MILFcast is the greatest movie podcast on the ol’ intraweb. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to MILF all the time. Though, lord knows you’ve tried. So, I present you with the best of the rest. These are the most entertaining ones I’ve stumbled upon. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re definitely worth your time. Here they are (in order):

SIDENOTE: These are not amateur podcasters. I’ve excluded those so as not to offend any of my podcasting buddies out there. I’ve also left myself off so as to appear as though my ego isn’t as large as it truly is!


Great for people who love movies. Jeff Goldsmith talks with screenwriters and filmmakers Continue reading


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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

That’s right, my little chick-a-dees, Oscar time is upon us once again. As you know, THE LIST is the one-stop-shop for the stars and their blogging needs. That being the case, I thought I’d offer some tips on how to properly accept the industry’s top prize.

To set the stage… the room is quiet. The announcer says your name. The crowd errupts into applause. What now? Let’s figure it out… here we go: Continue reading


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I’m sorry, my friends, but it is once again necessary for me to use this platform as a means of performing a public service. If there’s one thing hobos with signs in Hollywood movies have taught me it’s that THE END IS NEAR! How will it come? Asteroids, solar flares, biological terrorism, global deterioration, an act of God, Kanye West… these are all probable. However, I think we can all agree that our most imminent threat is that the undead will return to life and begin to feast on the flesh of the living. A.K.A. ZOMBIES!!!

Before I continue, I think you should know what my qualifications on this subject are. First off, I’ve seen just about every Zombie movie ever made (I’ve seen Dawn of the Dead 30 times alone), I read The Walking Dead, I own a red plaid shirt (that one’s for the Fanboys), I’ve read all the Marvel Zombies books, including the Army of Darkness crossovers, I once saw Simon Pegg (star of Shaun of the Dead) from 30 feet away at a bar in L.A., I’ve played Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead Parts 1 & 2, and I once woke up next to a young lady that, I swear to this day, looked herself to be one of the undead. What a night that was! Oh, and I am currently working on my AA at a local community college. Go Eagles! Needless to say, my credentials are impecable. But I am not the first to bring light to these urgent matters. I am merely adding bricks and mortar to a foundation put in place by the likes of George A. Romero, Max Brooks, Danny Boyle and many others. Now that credit has been given, let’s set the stage.

A Zombie situation can break out at any point in time. There’s no way of pinpointing where you’ll be or what you’re situation will be like. For our intents and purposes here, let’s assume reports are flooding in that the towns and cities surrounding your’s are being overrun by the undead. The threat is imminent and it’s only a matter of time before it makes it’s way to you. With that established, I present you with tips on HOW TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Continue reading


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This week’s post grew out of an argument/ discussion I was having with my good friend Bruce Wayne, an avid Film Geek in his own right. And, yes, I have a friend who is literally and legally named Bruce Wayne because that’s how I roll, Fanboys. That’s how I roll!

The discussion we were having seemed simple enough: Rank all of Pixar’s films in order of awesomeness. However, this seemingly simple task turned into a heated debate that we were both very passionate about. The problem seems to be that Pixar doesn’t really make bad movies. Even Disney with it’s impressive resume, and staunch runs through the 50’s & 60’s, as well as the 80’s & 90’s, can’t really compare with what Pixar has done in it’s brief existence. I’ll talk about that more later. Still, by looking at Pixar’s filmography you don’t see a Brother Bear or a Fox and the Hound. You see only Snow White and Aladdin, year after year. So, putting them in order proved daunting. More so towards the bottom of THE LIST then at the top where the general contraversy typically arises.

I figured now was a great time to do this list before Toy Story 3 comes out and while Pixar has a nice round number (10) of films under their belt. Continue reading


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In the immortal words of Jigsaw: I want to play a game. Better yet, I want to teach you all a game. A game I developed a few years back that I have no doubt will be sweeping the nation shortly. Sadly, we’ll have to leave the world of Movies behind but we’ll stay close in the world of Celebrity.

This brain-child of mine was born out of my boredom for a game couples have been playing for years that shares a name with everyone’s favorite blog: THE LIST. The List, as I’m sure you know, is a game where partners keep an imaginary list of 3 to 5 celebrities in their proverbial back pocket. Should one of the devoted have the opportunity to have a chance encounter with one of the celebrities on their list, their better half would be forced to give them a pass (usually given because there’s no way in hell it could ever really happen). Not only did I feel this game needed an update, I was also concerned because my wife is very attractive and should she run into Jared Leto at a 30 Seconds To Mars show, after a few Jack & Cokes… who knows? I love my wife. And, let’s be honest, there’s no going back from Jared to me. No matter how funny, charming and great at writing I may be. So, I’m making the game a bit more difficult by introducing THE THREESOME GAME. Here’s how it came to fruition…

What is every man’s fantasy? Simple, a threesome. What is every man’s ultimate threesome? Even simpler… TWINS! However, upon deeper thought, I realized that twins would be like doing the same thing twice. What would be better was two woman who could pass as twins, yet maintain subtle differences. Things unique to themselves. Like two Pale Ales from different brewers. Each the same drink, nearly indistinguishable, just slightly different. So, we use the world of celebrities and I introduce you to a new game… THE THREESOME GAME.

This is really just a way to gawk at how eerily similar some celebrities look to one another. It’s just funner when you put a sexual connotation on it. I’ve put together a list for the guys and girls out there. Enjoy!



Continue reading


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If last week’s traffic taught me anything, it’s that you like it when your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman talks film. Which is great because if there’s one thing I can do, it’s talk about film at great, great, often disturbingly great length. So here goes:

Being that it’s nearing the end of the year, we are being inundated with “Best Of” lists. So, I really didn’t want to do one. However, the more of them I read, the more and more I disagree and wanted to voice my own opinion. That of the fan and not of the critic. Technically, I should be doing the “Best Of The Decade” list (the decade ends this year, not next year… do the math). Unfortunately, due to the foolish ways of my youth, most of the decade is somewhat of a blur to me. So, I settle for this. Not really a best and worst list. More like a list of my favorites and biggest disappointments. We’ll start with: Continue reading