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I’m sure we can all agree that the MILFcast is the greatest movie podcast on the ol’ intraweb. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to MILF all the time. Though, lord knows you’ve tried. So, I present you with the best of the rest. These are the most entertaining ones I’ve stumbled upon. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re definitely worth your time. Here they are (in order):

SIDENOTE: These are not amateur podcasters. I’ve excluded those so as not to offend any of my podcasting buddies out there. I’ve also left myself off so as to appear as though my ego isn’t as large as it truly is!


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Tag Team back again. Check it, direct it, let’s begin. That’s right, folks, Heather and I are back yet again to tag team another Top 10… and we have every intention of making it our bitch. So, without further ado, we present our Top 10 Made-Up Movie Products.




It’s made by Odeon, and made with bits of real panther, used by Brian Fantana to seduce Veronica Conrningstone, and it’s illegal in nine countries.  Some have even said it smells like Bigfoot’s dick.   Anchorman really exploited this lovely product in a way that exhausted the films humor until Steve Carell uttered, “I love lamp.”  I suggest you give Sex Panther a try, but only if you dare.


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It’s time for a new entry into the pantheon of scenes that KICK ASS. The theory behind this post is this…

Some movies have a scene in them that is so awesome it can make the whole film worth watching. A scene that can make a bad film good and a great film better. A scene so good that it KICKS ASS… hence the title of the post. This week, we are featuring a clip from the movie:

FUN FACT: Harvey Weinstein actually wanted to walk out of the Sundance screening of CLERKS. His executives convinced him to stay seated until he heard the number “37”. Once he did, he was hooked and, as a result, Kevin Smith sold his first film. So here’s a glimpse of what it takes to make it into Hollywood. WARNING: Does contain some explicit sexual language… ENJOY!

That’s it for now, Snowbawlers.

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Have a great day and remember… at least I wasn’t #36!


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I’ll tell you right off the bat, Marty didn’t make THE LIST!!!

Let’s face it, Ladies and Germs, going to the theaters these days is getting more and more difficult. Ticket prices are getting so high, especially with all the IMAX and 3-D screenings (3-D tix in New York have risen to over $20 per), that for some movies I have to decide what I’d rather do… See a film or pay my electricity bill. A recent screening of Up, in 2-D mind you, with a moderate amount of snacks for my wife, kids and myself cost us about a hundred bucks. Even if my wife and I want to go alone, to see something with more mature content, we pay for a sitter and end up eating the cash either way.

This is part of the reason that I don’t do reviews on this site… well, that and the fact that I’m just such a film fan that I have a hard time disliking even poor films. So, I have resigned myself to seeing most films, in fact almost all films, when they come out on DVD. From time to time, a CG driven explosion fest, an interesting or critically acclaimed indie or a new vehicle for an actor I admire will get my butt in the seats. However, most of the time I don’t waste the time because I don’t really expect much from the films.

However, there are a few Filmmakers out there (under 10 probably) whose catalogue of work is so impressive that I know I can count on them to leave me feeling satisfied after shelling out a healthy lump of coin to see their films. For that, I thought they should be honored here, on what some are calling the greatest blog ever written (and by “some” I mean “ME”), with this week’s list: DIRECTORS WHO GET MY DOLLARS.

Here they are (in order): Continue reading