Don’t tell Rose she didn’t make THE LIST… she all ready looks pretty upset!!!

I don’t know about you but, after that whole Man Crush post (which was featured on Freshly Pressed for some reason), I need something to get the taste of man out of my mouth. That managed to sound gay, didn’t it? Son of a…

Anyways, what better way to do that then to turn our attention to the ladies? So, I present to you the 12 hottest characters to grace the screen, and my dreams, in the Sci-Fi & Action genres. Normally, I’d do a list of 10 but, for the ladies, let’s go 12. Here ya go (in order):



I don’t know that I find Carrie-Anne Moss all that attractive but when she put on the leather suit and jumped in the air for the GREATEST KICK EVER CAUGHT ON SCREEN, she stole my heart. Plus, if you die, she can bring you back to life with a kiss… SPOILER ALERT!!!



Say what you will about Jessica Alba’s acting chops but one thing’s certain… the girl can dance. I also believe she is the hottest stripper ever caught on the big screen… that doesn’t remove a single article of clothing!


I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen Barbarella… but with pictures like this all over the internet, who needs to? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go rent a certain work out video… if you know what I mean!



Sure, she may be a bit of a tomboy but she can wrestle around in the dirt with me anytime. I was going to say something about firing my blaster at her but it just seemed to be in bad taste!


You can hate her off screen all you want but there’s no denying that Megan Fox was smoking hot in the Transformers movies!



I actually think Kate Beckinsale is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood… but those contacts and that vinyl suit put her over the top!



Milla Jovovich was a model before she started acting so the fact that she’s on this list is no surprise. However, she lands at #5 for wearing an outfit made out of ACE bandages!

5. Sil.


Sure, Natasha Henstidge’s character in Species ages in dog years (by the day) and mating with her could kill you… but, even knowing that, if she wanted to mate with you could you say NO? I didn’t think so!



Bet you thought Ripley would make the cut, eh? Sorry to disappoint. Sure, Weaver was hot running around in her skimpy white panties in the first 2 Alien films. However, I prefer her more mature, more MILFY, turn in the cult comedy Galaxy Quest!



I’m beginning to think I have a bit of a vinyl fetish. Doesn’t hurt when that vinyl is being worn by Michelle Pfeiffer as she crawls all over the screen. By the way, did she find the fountain of youth? I mean DAMN!



I think the only surprise here is that this isn’t my #1. Leia was always cute but she was completely intoxicating laying at the end of Jabba’s leash. Sure, Carrie Fischer didn’t age too well but we’ll always have Slave Leia!


If you haven’t seen Battlestar Gallactica please pull your head out and do so. It isn’t a show for nerds. It may be one of the greatest Dramas ever written for TV. YEAH! It’s that good. In the rare case where an episode does drag a bit, it sure does help to be able to stare at Tricia Helfer as Number Six… the Cylon with a libido to rival a 13 year old boy’s!

That’s it for now, Perverts. Feel free to comment below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

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Have a great week and remember… take off your pants and jacket!!!


  1. Editor In Chief Says:

    You managed to sound even more like a perv by using the phrase “skimpy white panties” I hate that word…ugh!

  2. Editor In Chief Says:

    p.s. what about lori petty for tank girl? too unconventional?! i did like her wardrobe, though!

    • Babe, we just saw her at Comic-con last year and she was not looking too good… plus, I don’t think she comes close to these other women!

      • Editor In Chief Says:

        yeah, but it was ’95…you said yourself, carrie fischer didn’t age well…actually, she’s a beast of a woman…that’s not what this was about…tank girl was badass and had a bitchen wardrobe…it was a less than stellar movie with weird rat/kangaroo people…i forget…but she was hot!! go rewatch…or hey, just google’ll see!!!

      • No to Tank Girl but what about Naomi Watts as Jet Girl?

  3. No love for Jeri Ryan? Yeah, haha she totally doesn’t deserve to make it on the list. But Eliza Dusku in Dollhouse would totally make my list. And Alba would be in the top 3.

    • Jeri Ryan is very attractive… I know she’s made a lot of similar lists but I like these ladies better… I’m a huge dork but was never too into Star Trek… oddly!
      I still have yet to see Dollhouse… waiting for the DVD so I couldn’t add her.
      And, yes, Alba is very attractive in Sin City… VERY!!! 🙂

    • Yep, even though I hated that particular iteration of Star Trek, Jeri Ryan always held my attention.

      On an unrelated note, did you know that her catsuit was so tight she repeatedly fainted in it. That’s why there were so many redesigns (and why the earlier ones are more… form-fitting).

  4. Inara Serra in Firefly. The. Perfect. Woman. I don’t like that she’s lost weight for her part in V.

    • I actually thought about that but she didn’t make the cut… plus, yes, she’s trained to know how to please a man… which is a bonus. Only problem… she’s pleased a lot of men!

  5. loudogfotog Says:

    Very nice list. but where’s the 3 titty chick from “Total Recall”

  6. goregirl Says:

    Pfeiffer was a perfect catwoman! She sorta has cat-like features plus she had a great “MEOW”! Can’t argue Milla or Kate, both stunning! Sexy women from the 60’s though…I’d have to go Raquel Welch (Fantastic Voyage and One Million Years BC).

  7. I would say something smart but I will instead enjoy the pictures one more time

  8. I’d go with either Zoe or River from Serenity/Firefly. But I don’t watch a lot of action movies.

  9. sherlanova Says:

    Catwoman, yeah!
    Mikaela Banes, yeah!

    And where is Jollie, by the way?

  10. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Awesome list dude but you are missing thee chick from Total Recall with THREE TITS!!! Good shout on Trinity though, totally underrated until she gets her kit off.

    Jean Gray – XMen / or Bond Girl / or alien teacher in Faculty
    Raquel Welch – 1M years BC
    Hel – Metropolis (Kinda like looking at an ancient picture of a hot Grandma?)
    Wonder Woman – Inspiration for the Lonely Island’s ‘Jizz in my pants’ song.

  11. Pretty sure you could’ve made a top 10 list off of BSG alone.

    And nobody from the Whedon-verse?

  12. Goodbye Alba. I don’t want a stripper that doesn’t show me those boobies. Plus she’s a lollypop. Just not attracted to her.

    I’d add

    SMG as Buffy.
    Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse.
    Summer Glau in Firefly AND The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Lena Heady in The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Sharon Stone in Total Recall
    Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider
    Claudia Black in Farscape
    Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux
    RHONA MITRA in Doomsday………..OMG I STALK HER

    and of course Ziyi Zhang in Crouching Tiger and Hero………..I seriously could stare at her all day if she didn’t kick my ass.

    On your list I Tricia NUMBER SIX……….I’m not usually into blondes but she is HOT and Slave Leia made me realize I how much I loved women at such a young age! Awesome list Kai!

    • And I didn’t get shit for no Ripley… YAY!!!
      I have a thing for Ziyi Zhang and thought about that one… and I LOVE LENA HEADEY!!! But I forgot she was in an action role! Oops!!!

      • I can see the attraction for Ripley, but I can see why there wouldn’t be one as well. She wasn’t all sex, although she was hot in her own way. Same thing with Linda Hamilton. Just one of those things.

        Lena Heady is one of my favs!!

    • Good choices Heather but I would say Faith over Buffy!

      • By the way Heather, I forgot to mention, I am reposting the female action stars list on my own blog tomorrow with an addition that didn’t make the first list. Cheek my site in about 8 hours, you may just like the addition it was prompted by your comment when I posted it on Movie Mobsters.

      • I fancy I’ll stalk you later then Andy! 🙂

      • And Faith was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot. I think she was hotter than Echo on Dollhouse, but I can’t give in too easily to my SMG crush. I’d just take them both. Myfav episode was when they were in each others bodies.

      • On the Buffy subject what about Cordelia, she didn’t have much to do in Buffy but was great in Angel.

      • And how bout a Congrats to Dango on his LAMMY… which was for a post he said was inspired by THE LIST… So, I’m so proud! 🙂

      • Yep, there was just something so… bad and kinky about Faith. And those leather pants.

      • Cordelia is that classic beauty. I did like her on Angel though.

  13. Aimee Henkel Says:

    Milla Jovovich —she is so super hot and has been for quite some time!

  14. I’d say Lee Meriwether or Julie Newmar as Catwoman instead of Michelle Pfeiffer.

  15. Tricia Hel….drool….

  16. Everything Heater said +
    Diana Rigg: The Avengers
    Aya Ueto: Azumi
    Anne Parillaud: Nikita
    Maggie Q: Naked Weapon
    Angelina Jolie: Wanted
    Ali Larter: Heroes
    Salma Hayek: Desperado or From Dusk Till Dawn
    And if you are going to include Jessica Alba it has to be for Dark Angel not the stripper who doesn’t strip, she was the most annoying character in the movie.

  17. Great list, probably would have put “trinity” nearer number one. She was the coolest woman ever at the time. And Milla was stunning in the Fifth Element. As you say who else could pull of those bandage clothes thingys…go Milla!

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