I don’t know about you guys but my favorite special feature on a DVD has always been the OUTTAKES or the GAG REEL. The problem is most DVD’s that feature them usually suck. However, every now and then they make me laugh until I cry.

These aren’t the greatest outtakes of all time. These just happen to be my favorite. I’m posting these because I’d like to hear what you think and would love to hear of some other great ones out there that I may have missed. Here’s my top 5 all time:






That’s it for now, Robosapiens. Feel free to comment below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

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15 Responses to “I THINK I PEED A LITTLE”

  1. The 40 Year Old Virgin is definitely a nice choice…I vaguely remember Mean Girls having nice outtakes, but I could be wrong.

    (You’re so correct and few good film offering outtakes, especially the drama. You would think after sitting down getting depressed for two hours they’d try to liven the mood…but of course, no.)

  2. OK, here’s a strange one for you: track down a copy of MONSTER’S BALL. The outtakes feature a good handful of seeing what Billy Bob Thornton does before a take – and that is rhyme of some of the funniest, most absurd deadpan humour he can deliver.

    The fact that he’s doing this before some heavy scenes is pretty trippy.

    Best of all is a moment where he turns around and recites his dialogue as Karl from SLING BLADE.

  3. The 40 Year Old Virgin one is awesome!

  4. Yes! I love movies (even the mediocre Rush Hour movies) where they have the gag-reel at the end just before the credits. Always leaves you on a good note as you leave the theater … or the TV.

  5. I thought the 40-Year-Old-Virgin was a blooper reel?

  6. I really enjoy the outtakes for Shanghai Noon and the Eddie Murphy movie “Life”. I agree that most films’ gag reels (like deleted scenes) are just pointless and not worth the time.

  7. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Dude, you left out Steve Carell’s outtake from “Bruce Almighty” — you know, the scene where he starts shrieking out gobbledygook on camera? Watch it. Watch it now.

  8. I thought the Rush Hour 3 outtakes were better than 2 – and don’t forget the Pixar outtakes!

  9. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    That’s my favourite one, Borat talking about cheese. Genuinely laugh til I cry every time I see it. 😀

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