I was recently called out by Castor Troy from Anomalous Material to participate in MEME… a blog started by Scott from the blog “He Shot Cyrus”. Think of it as a post on getting to know your author. So, without further ado, I present you with a list dedicated to my favorite subject: ME!

1. I have been an artist since I was 4 years old and always dreamed of being the next Walt Disney.

2. Between the ages of 17 & 21, I had several teachers that encouraged me to pursue becoming a writer. When I saw the film Fight Club, I decided I wanted to become a screenwriter. LEAVE IT ALONE, McG!!! 🙂

3. The idea for THE LIST was originally conceived as a podcast. It became a blog at my wife’s suggestion and was designed to get me back in the habit of writing regularly.

4. I have a toy room that houses busts, statues, collectibles and over 800 mint to near mint, unopened action figures. Every figure is movie based.

5. I was an extra in the first Spiderman film.

6. I, like my buddy Castor Troy, have a huge collection of movie posters. I have around 75. I used to have about 23 displayed in my home but my wife has cut that back to around 10. Some of these are very rare including an original 1989 Batman poster, an early Pulp Fiction that is out of print, a European Dark Knight print of the Joker and a Spiderman print with the Twin Towers in the reflection of his eyes.

7. The movie I’ve seen the most in theaters is Kingpin. I went a total of 17 times with my old Newport Beach crew. I only spent $17 dollars for all the viewings thanks to the $1 theater in Costa Mesa, CA… R.I.P.

8. Our pet fish is named Einstein after the dog from Back to the Future.

9. I met my wife, Editor-In-Chief, by casting her for a friend’s short film titled THUNDER & THE DIAMOND.

10. My first name, “KAI”, is Hawaiian for “Ocean” or “Water”. However, my greatest disappointment in life is that my parents didn’t name me Peter so that I could officially be the world’s greatest Spiderman fan.

Like any internet meme, you are supposed to pass it along by tagging other people. Here are the 5 bloggers I have taxed with this assignment:

PARAGRAPH FILM REVIEWS – The man that introduced THE LIST to the blogosphere.

ROSS V. ROSS – They’ll try to do a joint effort but I say they need to do 2 lists.

M. CARTER – The blogger who’s writing skills I envy most.

CUT THE CRAP MOVIE REVIEWS – Because everything Aiden writes cracks me up.

THE DARK OF THE MATINEE – One of my favorite podcasters!

That’s it for now… jealous??? Make sure to check out some of the other contributor’s sites and please feel free to leave your comments below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

You can also sign up to get this blog via e-mail at the top of the page. And, as always, if you like this site, TELL A FRIEND!

Check back Wednesday for our nest post. Have a great week and remember… with great power comes great responsibility.

21 Responses to “10 MOVIE FACTS ABOUT ME (MEME)”

  1. The poster thing is kind of awesome. Can you upload some pictures of them?

  2. McG has it all wrong on Fight Club Kai. I’m with you there. It’s one of the movies that I would claim best defines my generation.

    I challenge you and my bro-in-law to a collectors toy off! He has an entire room and basement.

    Ya’ll have commitment. I have toys but my kids generally confiscate all my goodness.

  3. 17 times to Kingpin! AWESOME!

    Thanks for the tag, homey. I’ll get cracking on this in a jif.

  4. Editor in Chief Says:

    “My friend is making this movie and you’d be perfect for it.” Still can’t believe I fell for that line!

    a. I’m sure you used that line on all the fly ladies…

    b. The title makes it sound anything but innocent!!

  5. Nice collection of movie posters Kai 🙂 I have only about two dozen total and I have stopped collecting for a while. Maybe someday, I will resume this somewhat expensive hobby.

    • I have chilled out too. At one point I had 23 framed and hanging in our aprtment. We bought a house last year and it doesn’t have as much wall space cuz it’s one story. Right now I’m exhibiting Pulp Fiction, Original Batman, Batman Begins like yours (MY FAVORITE), Wanted (JOLIE), Desperado, Lady Vengeance, 28 Weeks Later, Spiderman 1, and 3 expensive textured prints a guy makes out here of Spidey 3, 300 and The Joker… oh, and 2 Star Treks in the kitchen.
      Great site for posters: http://www.allposters.com
      They have sales all the time!

  6. Do yo have any Kubrick figures? I have about 6 or 7 but they’re bought off Ebay and are all opened. But they too are movie related and provide clever bookends to some of my DVD/BRD shelves:)

    I also have a good number of movie posters (in the high 30’s I think) but they are all college grade and not really suitable for displaying. I can sympathize with the wife limiting the exposure though. I hope I have son I can give them to…if not Craigslist is just fine with me…but still, I’ll be sad to see them go:(

    • I collect sooo many toys that I have to limit what I collect. I decided to stay away from the Kubricks and Mini-Mates… too many and if I decide to get them, I’ll have to get them all. I stick to action figures and limit those to films or characters I like alot. I also do Mighty Muggs… got about 50 of those… I have some busts and statues… also have the Marvel Zombie statue collection. All 6, including con exclusives were about a thousand bucks… and I have 8 Vintage Star Wars figures in package… and I never open them. Big NO NO in my house! 🙂

  7. If you can ever do it, please post a picture of that Pulp fiction and Dark Knight poster. I would love to see them both!!

  8. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Thanks for the shout out, just posted my list up.

    Never realised you were an artisté! You’ll need to get some pictures posted up ASAP. Would be good to link up any flickr accounts or other blogs with the pics!!

  9. Great list! My biggest collection is comic books, but I’ll be expanding my films, books and so on in the future – I started collecting Robert Ingpen this year 🙂 Have you written a post about your collection? If not, I’d love to read a post about it and see pictures of your favourite pieces! I wonder if you have that brilliant Rorschach bust that I saw last year :O

    Also, Kingpin x 17 for just 17 dollars? Nice 🙂

  10. Wow… I don’t think I could have that many figures and NOT open them. [Darren proceeds to crudely reenact Star Wars using just his two index fingers – especially the lightsabres and theme music].

    Sorry. Where was I?

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