I just realized we’ve been up and running for about 4 months now and have failed to dedicate a single post to Star Wars. A travesty which I intend to rectify today.

You see, I’ve been a Star Wars fan my entire life. The first movie I ever went to, though I was in my mother’s belly at the time, was Star Wars. As a kid, I had almost every action figure, ship and playset Kenner ever made. A collection I set out to restore in my 20’s. Here’s a glimpse at the current toy room:

Between that and the movie obsession, I’m as shocked as you that the Editor-in-Chief said yes when I got down on one knee… believe me!

But I digress, so, I thought it would be interesting to thumb through the old collection and dive into the seemingly endless world of characters George Lucas has created over the years and pick my favorites. I’ll admit, like most my lists, time and circumstance can change my opinions. However, right now, these are my Top 10 FAVORITE STAR WARS CHARACTERS.

Here we go (in order):


For those of you that don’t know, Red Leader is the title given to the leader of the Red Squadron… the X-wing attack force that Luke Skywalker joins in Star Wars: A New Hope. Many have taken on the title of Red Leader in the Star Wars mythology including Luke himself. Though often overlooked, the outer space battles are a huge part of what makes Star Wars so great. And in space, Red Leader is king!


Thought he’d be a little higher on THE LIST? What can I say? I’ve never been a huge fan of “boy scout” type characters… the kind of character that always does the right thing in the end. Always been more of an anti-hero guy myself. Still, Luke is the main protagonist in the greatest trilogy ever made. He’s also the closest thing to a face we’ll ever have on Joseph Campbell’s “Hero” archetype. So, he makes THE LIST… but #9 is the best I can do.


Sure, Storm Troopers seem like idiots, they’re bad shots and can even be taken out by Ewoks and nerdy droids. However, Storm Troopers are awesome for the same reason zombies are… their sheer numbers are frightening and overwhelming. I’m a fan of all the different Trooper incarnations though, I must say, the Biker Scouts from Return of the Jedi are my favorites.


He’s a Mog… half man, half dog. Oh, wait, wrong movie! Chewy is a Wookie and how do you not love a Wookie? They’re loyal, they’re great mechanics, they can handle a blaster, they’ll back you up in a fight and they let out the most adorable growl when you scratch them behind the ears. Chewy being on this list is probably no big surprise to anyone. However, he gets bonus points for being the inspiration behind one of the funniest lines ever uttered on The Simpsons. When Nelson breaks Ralph Wiggums’ Chewbacca action figure he says: You broke my Wookie! Couldn’t find a clip for you but it’s out there, folks… I suggest you find it!

6. R2-D2.

R2 is the unsung hero of the entire Star Wars saga. He can co-pilot an X-wing fighter, get a rebel transmission halfway around the universe and can even stop a giant trash compactor from crushing you and your friends. He even manages to make C3PO tolerable. Not to mention, he manages to provide comic relief for 3 films while only speaking in Boops, Beeps and WOOOOOOW’s. Gotta love, R2!


Personally, Darth Maul is my favorite “baddie” in the Star Wars universe. It just seemed sacreligious to put him ahead of Vader. Still, the argument is there… tatted face, yellow eyes and teeth, never says a word and rocks a double lightsaber like a Bo staff. What’s badder than that? My favorite scene in all the Star Wars films is the one where Darth Maul takes on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Sure, he disappears as quick as he came but he does it in style and earns his place on THE LIST by being the only reason people will ever rewatch The Phantom Menace!


Now, let’s be clear… we’re talking Darth Vader here. Not Anakin! While the original trilogy focuses on Luke Skywalker, the six films combined are really dedicated to the evolution, dissent and ultimate redemption of Vader’s character. And while the 2nd trilogy left many a bit disappointed, mainly due to the execution, the overall journey of this character is fascinating. Plus, he can choke a dude out from across the room… Thank God he didn’t have to walk over there. He has breathing problems, ya know?


Sure, Boba Fett dies like a punk being eaten by a giant sand vagina… but, in his limited screen time, Boba Fett manages to cement his position as baddest of the bounty hunters. It’s a shame, though, how little time we get with his character. George Lucas has even been quoted as saying that had he known Boba Fett would’ve been so popular he wouldn’t have killed him off the way he did. He tried to make up for it by introducing Boba as a boy in the 2nd trilogy and even tried to recreate the magic by giving us Jango Fett but it just wasn’t the same… it just wasn’t the same. 

2. YODA.

I really struggled with whether or not to throw Yoda up at #1. Unfortunately, he lands right here. The oldest and wisest of the Jedi comes in 2 forms: CGI and puppet. Personally, I’m a fan of puppet Yoda. Used to have one of my own! However, I will give CGI a little love. After all, it gave me my 2nd favorite Star Wars scene. I was there on opening night for Attack of the Clones, when shaky old Yoda pulled back his robe, used the force to draw his lightsaber from it’s hollster and went all ninja on Dooku. The crowd errupted and I was provided with one of my favorite all time cinema experiences.


Let’s be honest… there’s only one character in movie history cooler than Han Solo and that’s Indiana Jones. If you disagree, you’re probably a communist! 😉

I love Han Solo for being all the things that Luke Skywalker is not… a true anti-hero. A character with few friends, lots of enemies and no affilliations. Someone with a shady past who still finds themselves compelled to do what’s right when the time calls. A flawed character. Not to mention, a character that will cut open a Tan-Tan and stuff you inside of it to keep you from freezing… regardless of how bad it smells… and make the Kessel run in the Millineum Falcon in “less than 12 parsecs”… whatever the hell that means.

That’s it for now, you Rebels and Imperialists. Please feel free to leave your comments below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

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Check back next Saturday as that is when new posts go up. I’m also going to try and keep the Wednesday posts going in the future so stay tuned. I’m having to work more these days but I’ll do my best!

Have a great week and remember… HAN SHOT FIRST!!!!!


  1. I would have put the Fett higher, but it’s a great list. Darth maul was great, probably because he had none of Lucas’ rather cringeworth dialogue in that film.

    I am surprised that the Emperor didn’t make the list. He was one magnificent son of a gun.

  2. The Emperor never appealed to me and Palpatine just made it worse. My wife (Editor in Chief) was surprised about Boba too. I LOVE THE FETT!!! But I have a special affinity for Yoda and Han Solo is just so friggin’ cool!

  3. I’m impressed that you attempted to do this. I don’t know that I could narrow it down to ten, and I’m certain at least 3/4 of your choices would be there. I’ve considered having this as a top ten list, but I still can’t commit, via it’s too difficult.

    Han Solo at #1 is awesome and can’t argue that. Also props to you for giving Darth Maul his due credit. One of my favorite villains of all time.

    Isn’t Red Leader Wedge Antilles? No, he’s Rogue Squadron’s leader. My oopsie typing aloud. I would have put Jabba in the ten spot at least though, and probably Leia somewhere as well. Nicely put having R2D2 so low and as an individual. Loved 3PO, but R2 was genius.

    Ahhh…………..now I want to make my own list. You’ve ruined my brain for the day.

  4. I thought about Jabba… also thought about the cantina band… and Leia wouldn’t have made it but Slave Leia nearly took #1… hahaha.
    Actually it was easier than I thought it would be. You should do it, Heather. I prefaced it as it is a LIST that changes over time. I’ve been digging Red Leader lately for some reason… he wouldn’t have made it in the past… as far he goes, it’s not one person but rather a title that many people have had. I’ve heard various interpretations of what Red Leader is but I like mine!

  5. JonnyStabbins Says:

    Only two points of contention. First, Vader really belongs at #1. As you said, the 6 movies are really about him, directly or indirectly. He is the ultimate bad guy that you can still sympathize with. He’s not just some abhorrent evil dude, like the Emperor. He’s the tragic hero. Everyone loves a tragic hero.

    Second, I feel C3P0 and R2D2 come as a pair. Without C3P0 to tell us how R2D2 is being a petulant child, or smart ass, we wouldn’t be able to anthropomorphize a robot into the hilarious little person we all think of him.

    Good show, ol’ man. You had some interesting insights into the Star Wars characters that I truly enjoyed. Food for thought, do you think we would love Boba Fett as much as we do if he hadn’t been so unceremoniously (and hilariously) dispatched?

  6. Glad to see you on here, JonBoy… thought you gave up on me! 🙂
    #1) Valid points on both Vader and the dynamic robotic duo. Personally, I’m not as gay for Vader as most people are but a valid point. Also, I contemplated putting both C3PO & R2 on here because they are inseperable to a certain extent. In the end, it was for all the times that R2 came thru in a pinch that catapulted him on here solo.
    #2) As far as Boba, I don’t think his early demise is what makes us love him more. I remember loving him after seeing Empire… cool suit, cool ship, froze Han, barely says a word, looks cool even walking by Darth Vader… I mean, come on. Was my favorite toy as a kid (and an adult sadly). Oddly, if nothing else, I think his demise hurts the love we have for the character because it is just so ridiculous.

  7. Great list! No love for Obi-Wan? Han Solo is a great choice for #1.

  8. Amen to Han Solo at #1. Harrison Ford is the bomb! I can’t say that I’m a huge Star Wars fan (I have only seen each movie once, don’t mug me…) but great list and nice job on narrowing it down to 10

  9. No really that is your current toy room? Its soo organised.

    Though I’m sure I did watch the original Star Wars as a very very young kid on tv (I retain pretty much nothing from them…Though I vaguely remember there were these teddybear characters in the woods…which were of course the ewoks)…my first real introduction to Star Wars was the prequel. So my favourite characters come form there… Padme because for one her elaborate and beautiful costumes. And Darth Maul because he looked terribly villainous.

  10. what’s ‘Star Wars’?

  11. all joking aside, Han Solo is a complete dick. and he’s scruffy looking.
    best Stah Wahs characters?
    – Porkins.
    – The Dude with the snake round his head.
    – the guy who goes ‘Bounty Hunters, we dont need their kind of scum.’
    – even better, the guy who kisses ass and says ‘Yes Sir’ to the above statement
    – Wicked.
    – Lobo? Lobet. Lobofett? Lobot?
    – the robots that go ‘Roger. Roger.’ in the Phantom Crapace
    – anyone with the name Moff

    cant wait to see Ross McD tear into this list from The List. unlike me, he actually likes Star Wars…
    from my point of view, most of those films are shit

  12. Yeah, I would have been pretty upset if Han wasn’t in that #1 spot. Well played, good sir.

  13. Editor in Chief Says:

    For the record: Your geekdom is the thing I love most!!! I still think you are the most interesting person I know…
    @Heather: I think he may have proposed to the wrong girl 🙂

  14. I think more people in the world need to speak of their affinity for Gammorean Guards and Imperial Guards…but that’s just me.

    Also I’m a big fan of Lando, Grand Moff Tarkin and of course Alec Guiness as Obi-Wan:)

    But good call on your defense of StormTroopers’ numbers…and likening them to zombies (very nice touch!)

    • Marc… I may have to have you on for a Zombie post. I’ll say this: Lando is the shit and he just missed making THE LIST. I’m a big Gammorean gaurd guy too… was my favorite toy after Boba. When I was a kid I had the Jabba playset that open to the pit beneath him. I’d throw them in there and then have my Rancor eat them!!!

  15. Sure thing Kai, like that famous line “Anytime, anywhere man”…oh wait that was from Aliens. Quick something from a “zead” movie…”But Johhny, has the keys”…there I feel better:)

    Even as a kid, I always thought the Jabba “pit” was really lame. If they made it something similar to Castle Greyskull, now that would be a pit!! Although I guess it would have been ok if they made the Rancor smaller…kinda like this:
    Galactic Heroes Rancor Pit Set
    But I like this and thin it might be more up your alley:)
    Pig Mug

  16. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Would you believe I don’t have a favorite character? Would you also believe that I (whispers) don’t really LOVE the “Star Wars” franchise?

    I realize that statement will get me jumped by everyone on here in the parking lot after work today, but sometimes you gotta tell the truth. Even if people can’t handle the truth.

  17. That’s fine, M. I understand… see you in the parking lot! 🙂

  18. No love for Jar Jar? Thought McG would champion him! A couple of suggestions (some already mentioned above): Grand Moff Tarkin, Lando Calrissian, Obi-Wan and Count Dooku.

    • Christopher Lee is the man, but I always thought Count Dooku sounded really goofy. Like a failed Count Chocula spin off drink to take some market share away from Yoo-hoo and Nesle’s Quick:P

      Also, Darth Tyranus was a stooopid name. Really? Tyrnaus?? Why not call him Darth Stegosaur??

    • Sorry, no love for Jar Jar though I didn’t hate him as much as most. He really just seemed like the new C3PO to me… and why does everyone love Tarkin so?

  19. have to agree with Marc – the Jabba pit was lame
    i had it too
    if i remember correctly the ‘pit’ was about three cm deep.
    Ewok Village was class though. wont hear anything bad about Ewoks. used to roast Han Solo on that turning spit fire on a daily basis

    • The Jabba Pit was a bit lame but had awesome skulls and bones inside… of course, I had a vivid imagination so that helped. As far as Ewok Village, that toy ruled… the elevator, the boulders in a net that fell on bad guys… AWESOME. My favorite non-figure toyt next to Millenium Falcon!!!

  20. Just noticed the collection photo after I wrote my other comment re same. From what I can see from the photo, that’s a bloody brilliant collection you’ve got. And a well organised one!

  21. Force Of One Says:

    Your Star Wars knowledge is obviously limited to the mainstream films but I will let that be. What I cannot let pass, however, is the fact that “Salacious Crumb” does not make your list. As limited of a role he has no one can watch Jedi without remembering Jaba’s favorite Jester. Salacious Crumb Rules! To deny is blasphemous.

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