It’s about that time where bloggers everywhere start doing their end of the year lists. However, it’s a bit premature for best and worst lists as studios still like to dump films in December, be it for Oscar nominations or just to plain get them off their slate for tax purposes. Still, I think now is as good a time as any to start looking back on the films that just didn’t matter. So, without further Mountain Dew, I present you with films that meant about as much to me as a set of Double D’s on a dude…. these are my LEAST INTERESTING FILMS OF 2010. Here ya go (in order):

SIDENOTE: I should mention that I haven’t seen any of these films so, for all I know, they may be great but I see everything… I’m that guy that thinks Rom Coms with Jennifer Aniston look good… so the fact that these films didn’t peak the slightest bit of interest from me says something.


Of all the films on this list, this is the one I’m most likely to see. Let’s be honest though, most of the films made about the Iraq Wars (The Hurt Locker excluded) have been pretty weak. I’ll probably give this one a look because the talent involved is undeniable but I’d much more prefer it if it had Bourne in the title!


More like Yawn, Sleep, Snore! Mind you, I’m probably not the demographic they were chasing with a film about a woman in her 40’s rediscovering herself and her sexuality. Still, think I’ll take a pass on this one and leave it for all you Oprah lovers!


Yes, they do lately. I love a good spoof as much as the next guy and this one is certainly relevant with the onslaught of emo vampire films we’ve gotten lately. However, if I’m going to enjoy a spoof film, I’ll stick to the Scary Movie 1 & 2’s and The Naked Guns.


The only way I’m seeing another Katherine Heigl movie is at gunpoint… or if it’s written by Judd Apatow. In fact, the only thing that can make a Heigl movie worse is to make it a premise that’s been done a thousand times and then to couple her with Ashton Kutcher. Don’t get me wrong, I dig Ashton. Hell, I bet he’d be a great guy to have a beer with but I still have a hard time buying him as a leading man. Though Kutcher was da bomb in Butterfly Effect, Yo!


Yeah, I want to go see the new Zach Snyder film. What is it? Another Comic Adaptation? Another Zombie extravaganza? An original film featuring barrels of CG-Eye Candy? What’s that you say? Owl warriors? Uh……………… never mind!


Is it just me or was Dear John a waaaaaay better TV show than movie.

Come on… these are the same film, right? I mean they all have Amanda Seyfried in them. Maybe they’re some kind of weird trilogy. I dunno… I guess I’ll never know.


AKA: Seabiscuit 2. But, Kai, you don’t get it. Secretariat is one of the greatest athletes of all time. Okay. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go die of laughter!


I actually have a back-up plan in case someone doesn’t buy my first excuse to get out of seeing this movie. It involves repeatedly stabbing myself in the eyes with a rusty fork!


I don’t know what annoys me most about this movie. I mean, if you’re going to adapt a comic strip into a movie, at least pick a 3 panel strip. Not the one they stick down by Family Circus… that’s just as funny… but features a dog… that’s big. Then there’s Owen Wilson. I mean, how many Dog movies do you want on your resume, man. AND he’s doing a voice. This is the guy whose cartoon voice career is so bad he even managed to ruin a Pixar movie… Cars sucks! I don’t care what anyone says!


Okay… this one’s a cheat because I did watch this one. Well, most of it. I literally never turn movies off. If I put the DVD in the ol’ Blu-Ray player then it is on. That is until I sat down to watch Jonah Hex. Which I shut off before it was over because it truly had nothing to offer me. The sad thing is, I turned it off with only 8 minutes left in the film. If that doesn’t qualify it for the LEAST INTERESTING FILM OF 2010, I don’t know what does!

45 Responses to “LEAST INTERESTING FILMS OF 2010”

  1. Vampire’s Suck had a stench of cash-in when it was first announced. Waste of time. Some other good choices here – agree about Green Zone.

  2. I saw Secretariat, Eat Pray Love, Green Zone, and Killers. Other than Secretariat, you’re right. Mostly uninteresting. Damon does some good acting in Green Zone, but mostly you spend the movie wishing it was a Bourne flick instead.

  3. snap – i too turned off Hex about eight minutes towards the end. It just felt like a film with every other scene (you know the ones with talking and exposition and story etc etc) cut out.

  4. Haha great list…I’m glad I never have any intention to watch those movies.

    Eat Pray and love was shot in my country but I have no desire to see it. I know someone who hates the book a lot

  5. Having seen Green Zone, I totally agree that it should be on the list. Such a forgettable movie… What’s the name of it already? 😉 Dear John was atrociously boring and I haven’t seen the others but I’m not surprised they would make your list.

  6. I didn’t think Green Zone was that… bad, it had some decent action sequences.

    And… Avatar was re-released in 2010, right? It should count xP

    • I’m with you as usual Amy, I liked Green Zone maybe not the ending and yes Avatar should be on this list it was released so late that it hardly counts as a 2009 film.

      • But it is a 2009 film. Actually made my #11 for best of last year so can’t hardly throw it up here! Sorry!

      • And BTW, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call Avatar uninteresting. These are films I didn’t see because my interest wasn’t peaked at all. Avatar was highly anticipated regardless of what you thought of the final product!

      • Sure it was anticipated but if the film doesn’t hold up it still doesn’t make it good.

        I don’t understand? So this list is based only on the hype and anticipation and not the final product? Feel like the title is a little misleading then.

      • I dont agree. Just because there is an hype around doesn’t make it memorable if the film doesn’t hold up. I actaully think the title of this list is a little misleading since its not really the films that aren’t interesting but the hypes and market expectations of them.

      • It’s not based on final products. As I said in the post, I saw none of these. It’s because they look uninteresting which is what the post is titles. Avatar on the other hand was very interesting before it came out regardless of your thoughts on the final product.

      • Ok I follow you then.

  7. Encore Entertainment Says:


  8. LETTERS TO JULIET borders on terrible, but Vanessa Redgrave is brilliant as always and GREEN ZONE is actually quite well made. The reviews for it have been a bit unfair I think.

  9. Man, what a veritable list of shit you couldn’t pay me to see…except for Eat Pray Love, I actually saw that, but only because I was forced to. Did have a kickass performance by Richard Jenkins at least. But still, even more evidence at what a dismal year for movies 2010 has been.

    • Jenkins is great. Speaking of Jenkins and uninteresting, The Visitor looked horribly boring to me but turned out to be great and he was fantastical, as Heather would say, in it!

      • Haha. He most definitely was. That movie totally came and went, which is a total shame. Jenkins is no fucking joke, was psyched he got an Oscar nod for that. Deserves one for this, too.

  10. Let’s see, I’ve seen 1 out of the 10 so I can safely say I feel like a winner! That one was Green Zone, which was OK. Not worth avoiding if asked to watched, but hardly worth the effort of seeking out.

    By the way I think we can finally admit anything involving Judd Hirsch, whether it be fighting aliens or Dear John tv shows, is automatically given an awesome factor of 5 for his involvement.

  11. Pretty much spot on list, mate, with SECRETARIAT my #1 as ‘Least Interesting Movie’.

    However, I saw LAST SONG, and I’m pretty sure Amanda’s not in that one. Could be I forgot because I was amazed that Miley Cyrus didn’t make me want to run out of the theater screaming. But yeah, LETTERS TO JULIET/DEAR JOHN…rubbish. Luckily, looks like Seyfried is gonna expand her horizons next year with RED RIDING HOOD.

    JONAH HEX was a bad movie, but as far as the ‘interesting’ label goes, I do find myself extremely invested in how a movie with quite a bit of potential (a frakkin’ supernatural western?! C’mon! Awesomeness!) turned out into such a disaster. But truth be told, I’d still rather sit through JONAH over TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR. And my God MARMADUKE…why do studios waste their money on such projects? Why/ Why? Whyyyyy?

  12. This is a depressing portion of 2010 film. Ugh.

  13. Gotta be my favorite list of yours this year so far. Here’s my two cents on the matter as unfortunately I’ve seen several of these movies based on girl friends begging for a tissue sharing partner (Wooo-they’ve got the wrong damn chick to take on that one) or by request of my youngin’s whose big eyes tend to win me over in spite of my obvious lackluster contempt for films about damned Lord Of The Rings with Owls even with Zack Snyder. However Liam’s claims of affection for “The Owl Movie” made it worth it. Maramduke on the other hand, will never be time I can recover. I could give a shit about another horse movie, with includes Secretariat AND the Katherine Heigl & JLo flicks. Fuck parody’s. And Dear John wasn’t as bad as it could have been thanks to the hottness of Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum. It would have made for a better porn though. Those are my thoughts.

  14. Love the idea of a “Least Interesting Films” list. There’s a lot to choose from! I was never interested in Jonah Hex until I recently saw the trailer on a DVD which made it look like a fun B-Movie. I’ve heard amazingly awful things about it, but I think I’m gonna give it a go.

    I’m completely uninterested in everything else on the list.

  15. Ahhh i liked Green Zone, I agree with all the other choices though 🙂

  16. Good list, I have only seen two movies on the list and one of those was because there was nothing else left to see.

    Dear John WAS “a waaaaaay better TV show than movie” but not as good as the original British TV show that it was based on.

  17. I’m proud to say I haven’t seen a single one of these films! And I had forgotten about most of them even existing until I read this list.

    Love your current banner, by the way!

  18. Proud to say I’ve only seen one. That owl movie.

    Solid list. They ARE all uninteresting.

  19. Just letting you know, as you are a regular commenter on my site, I changed the URL, and the old one does not redirect. I don’t know how to make it so it does, and I fear it’s too late. So, here’s the URL. If you could find it in yourself to pass it along to others, that would be great. I really, really, REALLY, don’t want to lose all the readers I’ve gotten over the past year. Thanks.


  20. Yep, Jonah Hex was pretty shocking alright. I didn’t check it out at the cinema, but watched it last week on a flight back home. I got through about 40 minutes and then decided to switch, it was that boring. The Back Up Plan was useless, but I found it thoroughly entertaining though:)

  21. Never made it past number 10 (which I saw only because of my wife) but if it was any indication of the crapfest that these appear to be on the surface, I can consider myself luck for missing the other 9 😉

  22. Geez, I couldn’t possible narrow a list like this down to just 10. Hell, I think I’d have a hard time picking 10 films from 2010 that actually did interest me.

    Eat, Pray, Love. Freaking hell. If anyone ever wanted to torture me Clockwork Orange style they could throw this one on. Even the trailer made me vomit in my mouth just a little. Bleck!

  23. […] Kai lists his bottom 10 movies of 2010 (The List) […]

  24. Woohoo – I’m with Rachel. Haven’t seen a single one of these, and I have no plans to. The only two that even vaguely interest me are Green Zone and maybe the Owls one (you know, for kids!).

    Love this list, bud. The only thing that really hurts it is that you could’ve titled this a “worst films of 2010” list and there aren’t that many that people would give you trouble for (Green Zone, for instance).

    I’d like to add The Next Three Days to either this list or that one (I’m guessing). Yawn.

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