So, apparently there was some confusion over my last list featuring Tom Cruise’s greatest performances. While Tom Cruise gives great performances every now and then, his best films just feature Tom being Tom. So, I present you with my Top 10 Tom Cruise movies. Here they are (in order):


I’m sure other people would put other Cruise films above this, especially since he has one of the smaller roles in the film, but I can’t help loving this film about Greasers from the wrong side of the track. Not to be confused with Greasers from the right side of the track!


I understand why people have issues with this film though it seems to be loved more as time goes on. The film does have it’s flaws but Speilberg and Cruise together is just too cool… especially when we’re talking about aliens attacking the Earth.


How do you make a successful sequel to a Hollywood classic decades after the original has come and gone? Three words: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. WAIT! No… I meant: Scorcese, Newman and Cruise.


This a damn fine courtroom procedural. It’s also written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Rob Reiner (when he was making crazy good movies) and features a kick ass performance by one Jack Nicholson. With all the other stars in this film, it also makes the Kevin Bacon game really easy!


I could make a funny comment here but I’d rather just sit back and remember the days when vampire movies were awesome.


What’s cooler than Speilberg and Cruise doing an Alien invasion flick? How ’bout Speilberg and Cruise doing a Phillip K. Dick (the master of Sci-Fi) adaptation? I bet you like this one too… I know… that was so pre-Cog!


I’m getting sick of defending this film. It’s good… it’s #4… deal with it.


I don’t expect anyone to agree with me on this one but I truly believe this is a severely underrated film that is made great by Tommy Boy himself!


My pre-Cog skills are telling me I’m gonna get shit for this one. Look, Top Gun will always be the film associated with Tom Cruise above all else. Unfortunately, I didn’t start a movie website to make lists of what I think people want to hear. The fact of the matter is Top Gun is a pretty cheesy film and while it’s a hell of a fun time to watch, it’s not Cruise’s best.


Not only is Mission Impossible a fun film but it has everything you need to enjoy Tom Cruise. A popcorn film in every sense of the word. Cruise knows it going in and gives the theater experience we pray for every summer!

What do you think?

25 Responses to “TOP 10 MOVIES: TOM CRUISE”

  1. I have seen very few Tom Cruise movies for the simple reason that he makes my skin crawl and I find him hard to look at.
    The only film I’ve managed to find him sympahetic is War of the Worlds. I just didn’t get what the fuss was about with Mission Impossible, it was like a poor man’s James Bond. And Collateral was just plain dull.

  2. Mission: Impossible is my number 1 as well. But Jerry Maguire is my 2. That movie is one of the best romantic comedies (if not the best). But what about Legend? That’s a great one. Tom Cruise in a little skirt? And sometimes he squats down, and my 13-year-old heart went nuts.

    Oh wait. I just realized Eyes Wide Shut is a Tom Cruise movie. Here’s my list:

    1. Eyes Wide Shut
    2. Mission: Impossible
    3. Jerry Maguire
    4. Magnolia
    5. A Few Good Men
    6. Far and Away
    7. Interview with the Vampire
    8. Minority Report
    9. Legend
    10. Taps

    Some of that list is based on which movies are best, and some of it is based on how obsessed I was with that movie when I was a kid (Far and Away. He has that little Irish accent!!)

    • My wife just said that a girl’s list would be way different… she said Collateral is a boy pick that would be replaced by Far and Away on her’s with JMaguire being higher.
      AND, sadly, I’ve never seen Legend so it is omitted from contention though I do like Eyes Wide Shut.

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  4. Good job! You’ve redeemed yourself from not putting Collateral on the previous list!

    Great list! Great films! Love War of the Worlds! I don’t understand what all the beef was! Collateral is brilliant on every level, and Minority Report was one of the best films of the past decade! Nicely done!

  5. Editor In Chief Says:

    yay, love for Far and Away….kai, watch this movie, and you will find out why cruise chooses not to do accents…haha..

    good list, not great…a difficult task, so kudos for trying…

  6. Jesus, I need to see Mission Impossible again. AND I’ve had Minority Report sitting on my shelf for maybe 2 years now. WTF is wrong with me, haven’t seen that since High School.

  7. haha! your favourite is Mission too! we agree on something!

  8. Mission Impossible…No.1! Brave choice but it remains the best of the franchise.

    My top Cruise film has to be Eyes Wide Shut. Love that movie. After that it gets tough – nice to see Color of Money and Jerry Maguire in there. I might put them above Top Gun in my own list. The Firm would get a look in. Dare I say Days of Thunder would make it to my top 10!

  9. 10 BEST?

    10. Risky Business
    9. Legend
    8. Magnolia
    7. Collateral
    6. Jerry Maguire
    5. Minority Report
    4. Interview With The Vampire
    3. The Last Samurai
    2. Top Gun
    1. Mission Impossible

    But that’s fucking difficult cuz the guy has made so many bloody brilliant flicks!

    • I’d probably shift a few of these around with more thinking about it too.

    • Yeah… even the bad (like Cocktail) are still good because of him. Our lists aren’t that far off… Samuraii and Magnolia were hard to omit… especially Magnolia.

      • Yeah, but there’s about five of his films that would be reasonably interchangable just on enjoyment factor. Like you said, Cocktail, it’s shitty, but fun. Rain Man is another god one.

        I loved the first half of War Of The Worlds. Once they hit Tim Robbins place, it lost me.

  10. Minority Report might be near the top for me, that movie was creative in so many ways, but my #1 would probably have to be The Last Samurai. I know it’s not historically accurate, but 99% of Hollywood films aren’t either. What’s wrong with telling us a story from a perspective other than what history leads us to believe?

    I would also fit Eyes Wide Shut into my Top 10.

    I know I might get ragged on for this, but the MI series has never really appealed to me all that much…

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