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Posted in TOP 10 MOVIES with tags on October 3, 2010 by Kaiderman

So, apparently there was some confusion over my last list featuring Tom Cruise’s greatest performances. While Tom Cruise gives great performances every now and then, his best films just feature Tom being Tom. So, I present you with my Top 10 Tom Cruise movies. Here they are (in order):


I’m sure other people would put other Cruise films above this, especially since he has one of the smaller roles in the film, but I can’t help loving this film about Greasers from the wrong side of the track. Not to be confused with Greasers from the right side of the track! Continue reading


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YES! The man with 3 front teeth! When I decided to start doing celebrity Top 5’s, I wanted to do actors that would be challenging. I figured who better to start with than Cruise, who happens to have a hell of a resume. For those of you that aren’t Cruise fans… TOUGH! I think he is one of the most intense and dedicated actors working today, regardless of his personal politics… and beliefs… in aliens. So, let’s get into it: Continue reading


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Well, I was going to broach sequels this week but I have ADHD and, at the last second, decided to go in another direction. I decided why not take a look at a much stranger animal… the Threequel.

NOTE: For our purposes here, Threequel will refer to the third movie in a series and may or may not have “Part 3” in the title.

Threequels are very interesting in that if a 3rd movie in a series is being put out, chances are it’s based on a very popular property. Chances are also good that you were very excited to see it. And, of course, chances are Part 3 just wasn’t that good. See, Threequels are typically just formulaic concoctions, featuring characters you know and love, designed to suck out everything else that drew you to a franchise in the first place. However, they can also be something else. They can also redeem a series of films that lost their way on the always difficult Part 2. While this is rare, it does happen. And I thought it’d be interesting to look at some of the films that got it right. So, away we go, as I present you with this week’s list: GREATEST THREEQUELS. Continue reading