I know Halloween has come and gone but I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. So, I thought we’d put one more Horror post out there. Vampires are one of the greatest monsters ever created in fiction… 2nd only to Zombies in my book! I tend not to care as much for old Dracula style vampire films and while I enjoy the new Twinkly kind they aren’t my first choice either. I typically prefer a meaner modern-day vampire. Below, I’ve listed my Top 10 “go-to” Vampire films (in order)… enjoy:

SIDENOTE: I’m not saying these are the best Vampire films ever made. These are my favorites to watch. So, please save your diatribes in the comments section about why Nosferatu should be on this list!


The newest entry on the list falls only at number 10 for that reason. It hasn’t been around long enough to fully resonate with me yet. Still, the concept for this one is so cool, in a genre that’s been beaten to death, that I have to say I loved it. The fact that it was a great watch helps a lot too even if it fell a bit short of its potential on execution.


If there’s ever a chance to feature something from the mind of Joss Whedon on one of my lists, I’m going to do it. Buffy is a super fun film that inspired years of what I hear is even better television. What still amazes me is that it managed to do so with a cast that featured the likes of Luke Perry and Pee Wee himself. Kristi Swanson hotness sure can compensate for a lot of things!


I’ll admit that it’s been years since I’ve seen this film but it was one of those movies that scared the hell out of me as a young lad growing up in the swiss Alps singing Do-Re-Mi with my brothers and sisters! For that reason it will always be a favorite. I still think Fright Night has some of the scariest looking Vampires ever caught on film. If you haven’t seen it, please do so before the remake bastardizes everything that made the original great. 


Okay, so the Monster Squad features all the old Universal Monsters (Wolfman, Frankenstein, etc.) but Dracula is the leader of the bad boys so I’m saying this counts as a Vampire film! Why the Monster Squad was never as big as films like Goonies I will never know. What I do know is Wolfman’s got nards!!!


Vampires is not a great film. Still, it somehow manages to be an entertaining watch every time I throw it in. Probably has something to do with John Carpenter having his paws all over it. Also, it’s the first film I remember dealing with the idea of Vampires trying to become daywalkers which is an interesting concept for the genre.


This film isn’t for everyone mainly due to the slow pace in which the story unravels. Being so ADD myself, I’m surprised how much it connected with me. Do yourself a favor and make sure to see this film before seeing the remake. There’s just a haunting nature to it that is very beautiful to watch and the pace at which it unfolds allows for some of the more shocking imagery to hit you even harder!


Nothing wrong with this film. I’ve talked it to death recently so I’ll just say that this is just a damn good film.


People are strange… when you’re a stranger… in a town full of Vampires. The only thing cooler than Vampires are Vampires with mullets. It’s the “Dalton/ Road House” theory! I maintain that Keifer Sutherland might be the scariest looking Vampire ever caught on film. Couple that with an interesting story and a chilling soundtrack, this film manages to be so good the Coreys and Joel Schumacher couldn’t even screw it up!


The opening scene of this film is one of the greatest in film history. I’ve never actually felt scared for a character in a Vampire movie prior to seeing that Rave scene. Then, Blade comes in and shows us just exactly how much ass a Vampire can kick. Blade is the film that truly kicked off the comic movie craze and showed that even small uninteresting characters from the comic book world can deliver one hell of a movie!


This movie makes my #1 strictly for its rewatchability. I must’ve seen this film at least 30 times and there’s never a time when I’m not in the mood. The fact that it’s from the mind of Tarantino doesn’t hurt either. Not to mention, it was the first time someone was willing to take a chance on Clooney being something more than a TV actor… How did that work out?

So, what about you guys… what are your “go-to” Vampire films?


  1. Excellent list and not the usual choices which is good. I think I actually prefer Blade II to the first one so it’s surprising to see it so high up here. Can’t argue with From Dusk Till Dawn – great film. Have you seen Near Dark, my favourite vampire flick?

    • Seen Near Dark… I was so excited to see it that I think I was kind of let down so it just missed my list.
      I like Blade 2 as well but I love S. Dorff in that, the opening scene kicks unusual amounts of ass and it, in my opinion, was a tester for all the Marvel movies that followed so I give it a bit more credit.

      • Near Dark is still by far my favourite. I watched again a few weeks back in preparation for Grooversn and Mobsters present, it has aged really well despite the very 80s soundtrack.

  2. Pretty good list holmes, though I’ve heard from one or two people that LOST BOYS isn’t holding up so well to the passing of time.

  3. I need to see Daybreakers, I need to see Fright Night. Points for Salma Hayek in Dusk ’til Dawn though.

  4. I’m with Dan on the Blade 2 over Blade love. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is such a guilt(less) pleasure! Whatever happened to Kristy Swanson anyways? *sad face*

    I still need to see Lost Boys, Fight Night, and Monster Squad off this list. Though I do love the original Dracula so at the moment I’d probably throw my money in the ring with it for best vamp film.

      She was soooo damn hot and wasn’t looking too good on Dancing with the Stars.

      • I think she, like so many late 80’s-early 90’s actresses faded into obscurity. A shame too — she should have stuck with stakes, cheerleading outfits, and skin tight pants/ab shirts.

        I think every guy who has ever watched Buffy had to have spent at least 1 night thinking about KS. At the very very least.

  5. Where is Twilight you hypocrite!!!! 😉 I’m gonna have to say, vampire movies have to catch up to zombie movies because there aren’t nearly as good as a group. I would have to say Blade/Blade 2 are my favorite vampire movies at this point and that’s not saying all that much.

    • I’m not a hyprocrite. Twilight doesn’t make my 10, maybe my 20, but I don’t understand the hate for them. They almost don’t seem like vampires to me.

  6. Great list! I particularly agree with your 1-5, just not in the same order.

  7. I would have included “Near Dark” if for no other reason than the sheer ’80s-ness of it.

  8. If you do watch the remake before the original, as I did, you’ll see some things that LET ME IN did so much better than LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and as such is the better of the two. I am alone in that sentiment. Completely alone…

    It’s kinda depressing over here on my soapbox… Won’t someone come talk to me?

  9. Great list, and furthers my interest in finally seeing FRIGHT NIGHT and THE LOST BOYS. I 100% agree with you on FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, it has immense rewatch value, and there’s not a bit of that movie that gets stale after awhile. I’m glad to see VAMPIRES and BLADE make your list, as they seem often shunned by most of the horror enthusiast community. Cheers!

  10. Let the Right One In would probably the top marks for me, with Blade/Blade 2 right below it.

    And while I don’t mind somebody trying to fit Whedon into their list by any means possible, doing it for the Buffy movie is just wrong. 🙂

    In related news, Tom Hardy gets offered the role as the vampire mentor to Honest Abe in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter….Pretty sure I’ll be pretty excited about that one.

  11. […] Kai lists his top 10 vampire movies (The List) […]

  12. No Coppolla, eh? Fair enough, I can respect that. That Lost Boys placed so high here is a true sign of character, Kai. Right on! Daybreakers was really good enough to place here? I figured it was just another throwaway like Dracula 2000, no?

  13. Bloody hell, I just realized I forgot to mention 30 Days of Night. Thought that movie was awesome. The “No God” quote alone makes the movie epic in my book.

  14. What did you think of the Underworld movies? Didn’t like it?

    Then there’s this Canadian movie La peau blanche, which I thought was interesting…but nobody seems to have seen it.

    • I have not seen the Canadian film.
      I like the Underworld movies OK… mainly just to stare at Kate B. in her Catwoman suit but I think I dig this 10 a bit more. Underworld Part 1 would probably make my Top 15 just not my 10.

  15. Dude, you have an awesome one spot. I love your list. We have a lot of the same ones, but both are still unique to each which is why we’re both awwwwwwwwwwwwesome. I still gotta get on let the right one in.

  16. Awesome list, can’t disagree with any of them, Lost Boys will always be my favourite but Dusk till Dawn comes a very close second. 30 Days of Night, was also worth a place, bloody good film.

  17. This is a good solid list. 🙂 Nice choices. For your consideration as one vampire movie fan to another, please take a look at the link associated with my name.

  18. Vampire’s Kiss, with Nicoppola Cage, ain’t bad

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