After a year and a half of writing this blog, and well over 200 posts, I’m here to announce that this will be the final post at THE LIST. While it is very hard to say goodbye to this little blog that I’ve watched grow and grow over the past 18 months, I am very excited to launch my new website:


MAN, I LOVE FILMS is the brainchild of myself and Dylan Fields (founder of The Large Association of Movie Blogs and, the now also defunct, Blog Cabins). Our goal was to pool our resources, hopefully along with some other future contributors, and provide a movie website that could provide more content to our readers. While we may be a bit slow getting out the gate, we hope over the next few months to have a website where you, our readers, can come to satisfy all of your movie needs including, but not limited to, DVD and New Release Reviews, Lists, Interviews, Festival Coverage and so on.

So, while it is bittersweet to say goodbye to this blog that I love so much, I am looking forward to our new venture. However, the good news is, the site launches today and you can come over and started reading our content right away. The great news is we will have new content for you on a daily basis going forward. So come on over and check us out. You can do so by CLICKING HERE!!!

TO OUR FELLOW BLOGGERS: Everyone in my blogroll will remain in my blogroll on the new site. We are still fans and will continue our mutual support. If you could be so kind, please update your blogrolls to include manilovefilms.com.

Now, make the jump and please continue to be a part of our ongoing film discussions. You can also sign up to receive our posts via e-mail, follow us on Twitter and become a Facebook fan.

4 Responses to “OUR LAST POST AT THE LIST”

  1. Damn man – Don’t know how you were able to keep this news quiet. I’d be chomping at the bit to tell someone!

    Count me as one who will miss The List, and an enthusiastic follower of the newly minted manilovefilms.com

    Best of luck buddy!

  2. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    No more lists? Say it ain’t so!

  3. Best of luck Kai! We will miss The List but its spirit lives on 😉

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