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Ummm… NO!

I’m going to be honest… this is not the funnest list I’ve ever written. In fact, you’ll notice this is a “Top 5” list as opposed to the typical “My Top 5” lists you’ve come to know and love as I really have no opinion on the matter. However, turnabout is fair play. So, it seemed only fair that, after listing my favorite scenes featuring boobies on display, I put a list together for the ladies so they can have a chance to enjoy some impressive “Magic Sticks”. Here’s 5 for you, girls… I certainly hope you appreciate it!

5. KINSEY (Liam Neeson).

Liam Neeson has many *ahem* “talents” but his *ahem* “biggest”* is featured in this film. See what I did there? Honestly, the size of Neeson’s penis was something of legend for years and he certainly silenced his detractors with this film. My only question is this: How is Julia Roberts still not walking funny?

SIDENOTE: Neeson dated Roberts in the late 80’s… do the math! Continue reading


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I don’t know about you but I think it’s kind of sad that some people are getting a lot of praise for their performances in The Fighter except for the guy who made the movie happen. Not that it’s not fair… Wahlberg doesn’t necessarily turn in a groundbreaking performance. However, as cheesy as the whole Marky Mark thing may be now, in retrospect, there’s no denying that the kid’s got skills. Want proof? Then check out these fine performances:

SIDENOTE: Please remember that this is a Best Performances list… not a Best Movies list.


Over the last few years, Wahlberg has proved he’s pretty good at the comedy thing. However, in this action comedy, Wahlberg first proved he could bring the funny while being the action guy everyone wanted him to be.


Once again, Wahlberg turns in a bit of the comic relief for a film even though it isn’t meant to be a funny film. In The Departed, he turns in a memorable, and underrated, performance surrounded by an all star cast. What’s more impressive is that his character wasn’t even featured in the film The Departed was based on (Infernal Affairs). So, unlike everyone else in the film, Wahlberg had to start from scratch and create a character that could fit in… he did just that. Continue reading