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The “Cinema Code of Conduct” above was put together by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo who are, as it’s been explained to me, essentially the Siskel and Ebert of the UK. It’s a great list that, friend of THE LIST, Winter Tyson (of Cinema Scream) thought it might be a bit incomplete. So, he’s enlisted a bunch of bloggers to tack on our own rule to go along with these. I’m going to cheat and add 2 though they are essentially the same. Here they are:


Part 1: If the theater is sparse or even nearly empty, you must sit nowhere near me. In particular, you must not sit in front of me. While it may be bad manners, I have every intention of propping my feet up on the seat in front of me and you have no right to impede that. I also don’t want to hear you… or see you… or, worst of all, smell you!

Part 2 (for guys): A one seat gap must be maintained between 2 men seeing a film together. While this started as a homophobic thing, it no longer is. Men just really like having space and everyone wants the arm rest. If the theater is near capacity, this rule may need to be broken but you MUST maintain the gap as long as it is possible… or just bring a purse to throw in the empty seat and say your girlfriend is getting candy!

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