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MY TOP 5 FILMS THAT REVOLVE AROUND HOLIDAYS (and don’t really need to)

Posted in Cameos for Other Sites, Top 5 with tags on November 27, 2010 by Kaiderman

The day after this post goes up, I will be appearing as a guest on The Film Cynics radio show. As is customary when Steve and Brian have someone on, they task them with coming up with a Top 5 list for the show. No problem really for your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman over at THE LIST!

Steve had suggested a couple of topics for a Top 5, including an early Christmas list. I just wasn’t feeling it. However, lately I had been thinking about putting together a list of films that revolve around holidays that really don’t need to. So, I went with that as it still keeps within the holiday vibe.

My prerequisites for compiling this Top 5 were 2 very simple things. (1) My picks had to feature a holiday that is very prevalent within the film. And (2) the holiday had to have no real impact on how the story need be told. That is, if the holiday were removed completely from the film, the filmmakers could still easily manage to tell the same story.

That being said, here are my TOP 5 FILMS THAT REVOLVE AROUND HOLIDAYS (and don’t really need to). In order:


I had to rewatch this film to make sure it deserved a spot on this list and I’m happy to say it does. It’s still an entertaining watch that reminds me of my childhood in the 80’s. When children’s movies were awesome in that they really shouldn’t have been seen by children. This film kind of defies categorization in that it’s part Horror, part Comedy, part B-Movie and part Family film but really manages to be none of those all at the same time. It also takes place at X-mas but really doesn’t have to. I realize Gizmo was an X-mas gift but he could’ve just as easily been a Birthday present. Continue reading