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Napolean, you’re not alone anymore!!!

That’s right, my friends, there was a time when all the geeky things I have loved my entire life weren’t exactly popular to like. A little over a decade ago, Sci-Fi was for dorks, Fantasy was for D & D nerds & Comic Book films did little to capture the attention of the nation. My how things have changed… I like to think we can credit Weezer with this. After all, they did make Geek Chic.

In the past 10 years, that which was once made for the geeks of the world has been embraced by all people. Comic Book, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Franchise films have single handedly kept the movie business from collapsing entirely. So, I began to wonder, of all the nerdy goodness available to us these days, which film stands out… which is the Geek Opus, if you will.

To find out, I’ve set up a March Madness bracket style tournament that includes the best there is to offer in Fanboy Films. In July, I will post them, head to head, every few days… and you the fan, will be able to vote for your favorites. By August, we will know what the people think is the ULTIMATE FANBOY FILM!!! But I need your help… Continue reading