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Posted in Celebrity Top 5 with tags , on October 9, 2010 by Kaiderman

Anyone who listens to LAMBcast knows that I said I’d rather have gotten a colonoscopy than watch the Expendables. Still, I think the franchise has a lot of potential to be a Kick-Assfest. Inevitably, the next film will be bigger… which means more former action stars. So, I thought I’d throw out my Top 5. This list features only stars who were NOT in the original film. We’d all like to see more of Arnie and Bruce (the latter of which we might actually get), but they are excluded from this list.

Also, I realize this post is a little late but I just saw the film so suck it. Here we go (in order):

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Carl Weathers.


I’ll be honest… I had Hulk Hogan at #5 but started to think about it and Diesel makes more sense. Vinny, if you’ll remember, was a HUGE action star in the early 2000’s. He’s kind of the first of this new generation (even before Statham who is arguably the biggest of  the new class). However, Diesel has taken a bit of a fall in recent years. Making his career much like those of Sly and Arnie. In a way, it’d be fitting for him to do this film and he could get a lot of respect for being able to laugh at himself at the same time.

CHANCE OF IT HAPPENING: 70%… This one comes down to whether or not Stallone calls him up to the Big Leagues. I think he’d be down to pound. Continue reading