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It is once again time for us here at THE LIST to perform our public service. Not because we want to… because it’s court ordered. Damn my need to recreate Mel Gibson rants whenever I’m around law enforcement! But I digress…

To perform this much needed service, I have once again called in some fellow bloggers to help me. Here’s who we have on tap:

Fletch of Blog Cabins

Wynter Tyson of Cinema Scream

Heather Roddy of Movie Mobsters (in our first repeat performance… thank you)

Marshall of Marshall and the Movies

And, of course, ME… your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman.

Here’s the idea behind this post:

There are several movies out there that don’t necessarily get the same recognition or promotion as others. Films that at times can be quite good. Films that are currently collecting dust in the “Favorites” aisle at your local video store. We here at THE LIST have taken it upon ourselves to bring these films to the forefront and present you, the movie going public, a list of FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE. Here they are: Continue reading