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Posted in Temecula Valley International Film Festival 2010 with tags on September 20, 2010 by Kaiderman

I just want to thank everyone at TVIFF, and in particular Annette Brown, for allowing our little media outlet to attend this year’s festival. While the sick bug prevented me from attending the final day of the festival, I still feel like we have a nice array of films for me to write up and present to you.

The thing that’s great about TVIFF is the same thing that might turn people off to it. It is a small festival… but one that makes up for lack of size and star power (as compared to other fests) with charm and accessibility. Most importantly though, they screen films that a lot of other fests won’t. The talent in this festival is such that many filmmakers here could easily become huge talents in the industry. However, without fests like TVIFF, they may never get an opportunity. Which brings me to my next point…

If you’re a film lover, you can’t just see films like Get Low or Sideways and think you’re supporting independent filmmaking. You need to help find the diamonds in the ruff out there and give them the support they need to survive. TVIFF provides a great opportunity for this so, if you have the time, drop by their website and try and attend in the years to come. You can do that by CLICKING HERE!!!

Now, unfortunately, films at TVIFF typically only get 2 screenings. It makes seeing everything just impossible. So, here’s a link to all the films that played this weekend. Most of these can be found on IMDB for more information. Enjoy:

Stay tuned for the next episode of MILFcast where I’ll pick my best of the fest! Until then, we’re taking the week off to recuperate but there’s plenty of posts for your reading enjoyment so… ENJOY!!!