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Save the puppy dog eyes… you’re not making THE LIST!!!

I hope you guys dig this list because it was a doozy to put together. Not only are they all great films but a handful of them would make my Top 50 Films of all time. So, here they are (in order):


I’m going to go with the Donald Sutherland version for this one because it blew me away with how cool it was. Such a shame that the ending was kind of ruined for me by the time I finally saw it. Otherwise, I think it would’ve blown my mind!


The youngest film on this list is probably the grittiest and goriest. Not only is District 9 a fun and original take on the genre, it also embarrassed most other filmmakers in Hollywood by making a 100 million dollar film on a 30 million dollar budget. Now where the hell is District 10?


Finally, a modern take on War of the Worlds told by a director who was born to blow shit up! Not only was ID4 a fresh take on the genre but it also gave us Will Smith the Movie Star. By the way, ID4 makes no sense! Independence Day 4? Are there 3 prequels? Continue reading


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Something popped in to my head a while back when I was watching Avatar. See the thing is that the Amp Suit from Avatar…


… looks just like the Power Loader from Aliens.

Then I realized that the ending of these films are EXACTLY the same. They feature a human in a human looking machine fighting an Alien. Only difference is that in Aliens, the Alien is the bad guy. In Avatar, the Alien is the good guy.

Now, Cameron has been quoted as saying he wrote Avatar before making Aliens. I wonder if he took the ending for Avatar and worked it into Aliens… and then recycled it nearly 25 years later.

Oh, and both films revolve around mining. I’m just saying… IS IT JUST ME???


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Nah… too tacky!

Heather, my new BFF over at Movie Mobsters, and I just realized it had been far too long since we worked on something together. Seeing as we both do lists every week, we thought it high time we tag team one together. So, what better way to do that then to present you with the TOP 10 MOVIE PROPS WE WISH WE OWNED.

Heather‘s Top 5:


Continue reading


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I feel like having fun this week so let’s talk about something fun: Movie Clichés! Some people were given extraordinary talents in life. Unfortunately, I was given the ability to guess how entire movies will end within the first 30 minutes of sitting down to watch them. I have managed to annoy many people with this talent. Others, like my brother-in-law Nate, I have passed this ability on to so that they can annoy themselves. How do I do it? The fact that I have an unusually high IQ and am full to the brim with common sense doesn’t hurt. But, the fact of the matter is, I just watch a hell of a lot of movies! When you do this, you find that most films follow the same conventions and plot techniques… making predictions fairly simple. That’s why when a film like The Sixth Sense comes along it is truly enjoyable to watch because it plays on these conventions and techniques. Sadly, these films are far and few between. Most follow the industry standard. Many of these are comical because of just how often they are used. So, for your enjoyment, I present you this week’s list of some the most often used MOVIE CLICHÉS. Continue reading