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Um… NO!

As much as everyone joneses over who’s going to get the title role in comic book movies, the success of these films tends to rely heavily on who plays the bad guy. The antagonists often have the meatier roles. Unfortunately, the people playing them don’t always take advantage. So, I thought we’d shine a spotlight on those who did. Here are my Top 5 Comic Book Villains (in order): 

5. DOCTOR OCTOPUS (Alfred Molina).

Doc Ock must’ve been a fun role to play because, though he is the villain of the film, he’s not necessarily a good guy or a bad guy. He’s become a victim of his own creation and a mindless slave to it. Watching Molina snap back and forth from blood thirsty bad guy to everyday nerd in a lab coat with a heart of gold was fun to watch. Oh, and those tentacles were super cool. Continue reading


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I don’t know about you but I think it’s kind of sad that some people are getting a lot of praise for their performances in The Fighter except for the guy who made the movie happen. Not that it’s not fair… Wahlberg doesn’t necessarily turn in a groundbreaking performance. However, as cheesy as the whole Marky Mark thing may be now, in retrospect, there’s no denying that the kid’s got skills. Want proof? Then check out these fine performances:

SIDENOTE: Please remember that this is a Best Performances list… not a Best Movies list.


Over the last few years, Wahlberg has proved he’s pretty good at the comedy thing. However, in this action comedy, Wahlberg first proved he could bring the funny while being the action guy everyone wanted him to be.


Once again, Wahlberg turns in a bit of the comic relief for a film even though it isn’t meant to be a funny film. In The Departed, he turns in a memorable, and underrated, performance surrounded by an all star cast. What’s more impressive is that his character wasn’t even featured in the film The Departed was based on (Infernal Affairs). So, unlike everyone else in the film, Wahlberg had to start from scratch and create a character that could fit in… he did just that. Continue reading


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While most actors become popular after hitting stardom, I have this feeling Jack was cool long before. I have visions of him coming out of the womb with those trademark sunglasses on. Oh, and he’s a Laker’s fan… GOD, I love this guy! To top it all off, he’s a pretty damn fine actor too. So, I thought we’d take a look at his best performances to date.

REMINDER: This is a list ranking greatest performances. Not my favorite Nicholson films. Here we go (in order): Continue reading


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YES! The man with 3 front teeth! When I decided to start doing celebrity Top 5’s, I wanted to do actors that would be challenging. I figured who better to start with than Cruise, who happens to have a hell of a resume. For those of you that aren’t Cruise fans… TOUGH! I think he is one of the most intense and dedicated actors working today, regardless of his personal politics… and beliefs… in aliens. So, let’s get into it: Continue reading