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Posted in TOP 10 MOVIES with tags on October 16, 2010 by Kaiderman

It’s great to find lists on THE LIST again, isn’t it? To keep with the theme of making them as challenging as possible, I’ve picked one of the most talented men around for this week’s Top 10 Movies!

John Hughes’ passing was one of the saddest things that ever happened to Hollywood. I dare you to find a screenwriter with a better resume featuring so many diverse films. SERIOUSLY! Hughes gets pigeonholed as being the teen comedy guy but his reach goes so far beyond that. He’s had some flops, don’t get me wrong, but his greats are more than that. They’re classics! What makes them so great comes from Hughes’ ability to balance comedy with understanding relationships of all types. Not to mention he manages to capture the experience of growing up better than anyone… something we can all identify with.

This was literally like trying to pick my favorite kid but I managed to pull it off. So, here we go (in order):

SIDENOTE: I have not seen She’s Having a Baby, Some Kind of Wonderful or Curly Sue so they are not in contention for this list!


I wanted to put The Great Outdoors at #10. Editor-in-Chief convinced me that Pretty in Pink needs to be on this list. I agree… it is a good film. It’s just that I’m a dude. So, I’ll just say that Pretty in Pink makes it for Duckie cuz that guy is awesome and he never gets a break. Continue reading


Posted in TOP 10 MOVIES with tags on October 3, 2010 by Kaiderman

So, apparently there was some confusion over my last list featuring Tom Cruise’s greatest performances. While Tom Cruise gives great performances every now and then, his best films just feature Tom being Tom. So, I present you with my Top 10 Tom Cruise movies. Here they are (in order):


I’m sure other people would put other Cruise films above this, especially since he has one of the smaller roles in the film, but I can’t help loving this film about Greasers from the wrong side of the track. Not to be confused with Greasers from the right side of the track! Continue reading