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As many of you know, a little over a month ago I covered the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival. Unfortunately, due to getting my media credentials with very short notice and coming down with a bug while at the festival I wasn’t able to give all the films being featured the coverage they deserved. Luckily, a few filmmakers were nice enough to get me copies of their films so that I could review them even though I missed them at the fest. Such was the case with Pablo Pappano who directed the documentary CLICKIN’ FOR LOVE. Here’s a breakdown on the film:

USA, 2010, 88 min
Producer/Director: Pablo Pappano

CLICKIN’ FOR LOVE is a light-hearted documentary exploring the modern world of online dating. Online dating veterans share stories of searching for casual encounters, soul mates and everything in between. Continue reading


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I just want to thank everyone at TVIFF, and in particular Annette Brown, for allowing our little media outlet to attend this year’s festival. While the sick bug prevented me from attending the final day of the festival, I still feel like we have a nice array of films for me to write up and present to you.

The thing that’s great about TVIFF is the same thing that might turn people off to it. It is a small festival… but one that makes up for lack of size and star power (as compared to other fests) with charm and accessibility. Most importantly though, they screen films that a lot of other fests won’t. The talent in this festival is such that many filmmakers here could easily become huge talents in the industry. However, without fests like TVIFF, they may never get an opportunity. Which brings me to my next point…

If you’re a film lover, you can’t just see films like Get Low or Sideways and think you’re supporting independent filmmaking. You need to help find the diamonds in the ruff out there and give them the support they need to survive. TVIFF provides a great opportunity for this so, if you have the time, drop by their website and try and attend in the years to come. You can do that by CLICKING HERE!!!

Now, unfortunately, films at TVIFF typically only get 2 screenings. It makes seeing everything just impossible. So, here’s a link to all the films that played this weekend. Most of these can be found on IMDB for more information. Enjoy:

Stay tuned for the next episode of MILFcast where I’ll pick my best of the fest! Until then, we’re taking the week off to recuperate but there’s plenty of posts for your reading enjoyment so… ENJOY!!!


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Italy, 2010, 14 mines
Director: Davide Minnella
Cast: Piera Degli Esposti, Diane Fleri

An old and wonderful cook, now close to retirement, decides to hand down her culinary secret to those who will treasure it more. Teresa, a young girl, becomes the new chef and fulfills the most diverse wishes. The value of its courses will be crucial for customers who don’t have the opportunity to savor again the delicacies.

I had planned on seeing Nowhere Boy last night but I started feeling sick late in the day yesterday so cramming into a packed theater didn’t sound too appealing. So, I figured why not stick with the theme of covering the smaller films and see some more shorts. TVIFF, in my opinion, actually tends to get a better supply of short films than features. In fact, my favorite short of all time was seen here a few years back.

I managed to see 9, before my stomach got the best of me. They all managed to impress me but of the lot, I have to say, it was Como Se Deve that won me over. I don’t want to say too much because I didn’t get the twist from the film’s description. This film manages to keep you engaged the whole time and I don’t want to ruin it for someone else who might have the opportunity to share the experience.

I can say that Como Se Deve means “As It Should Be”. I can also say that the film is told with such grace and wonderful pacing that it’s hard not to like in the end. I can also tell you that Diane Fleri (pictured above) has joined Rachel Wilson in the group of actresses I formed a crush on this weekend. The only other film on her resume that I recognized was I Am Love with Tilda Swinton. Still, do yourself a favor by checking out this film’s IMDB page and acquaint yourself with her.

You can do it by CLICKING HERE!!!

Recommendation: SEE IT!!!


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USA, 2010, 89 min
Writer/Producer/Director: Steve Wilson Briggs
Co-Director: Tony Iwane
Cast: Joseph Eastlack, David Jones, Sandra Young, Kate Tran, Brian Levy, Veronica Combs and Roque Guiterrez

A suburban family man is zapped unconscious by his toaster and awakes believing he has a divine calling to be a superhero. Finding no crime in his suburb, without superpowers, armed only with a whistle, he dons his mask and cape and sets out to fight crime in the ghetto. Continue reading


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USA, 2009, 92 min
Director/Producer: Eli Kibrick
Cast: Keenan Kibrick, Melissa Courtney Kibrick, Taylor Christensen, Colin Wheelock, Daniel Everson, Eric Leitterman, Vanessa Himless, David Lorant, Katie McLaughlin

Pretend is a documentary about doing whatever it takes to be happy in real life, even if it requires playing make believe. It is about finding yourself and coming of age, while being immersed in another world. It is about learning who you are, even if you are filled with insecurities. With one camera, one microphone, and no re-takes, Pretend captures something rare–the unique routes young adults can take to learn to love and appreciate themselves just as they are. Continue reading


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Showtimes: Friday 3pm, Saturday 11am
USA, 2009, 94 min
Director: Justin Monroe
Writer/Producer: Jack Roberts
Producers: Gillian Fritzsche, Ryan Fritsche
Cast: Jack Roberts, Heather Roberts, Liz Carter, Peter Bedgood, Marshall Bell, Aaron Moreland, Meaghan Oppenheimer

The awkward son of a rock star works through the suicide of his father in the brutal underground world of karaoke.

By the premise listed above, this film caught my eye pretty early on and went on my “SEE” list. The fact that I met the very sweet, and attractive, producer on opening night didn’t hurt either. Continue reading


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Here’s the break down on the first of today’s viewings:

Norway/Spain, 2009, 103 min
Writer/Director: Ferran Audi
Executive Producer: Raul Perales, Amanda de Luis
Cast: Aitana Sahcnez-Gijon, Tron Espen Seim, Bibi Anderson, Jordi Cortes Molina

After the accidental death of their only son, Rita and Alfred feel such remorse that they engage in a fierce fight of mutual destruction. Guilt confronts them with a painful recognition: obsessed by their selfish little need, they forgot to love their son. As truth is revealed, all their inner demons are unleashed. They haunt and prick them on a road to hope or to damnation, whilst they desperately try to make amends for all those things they left undone in the past.

Here’s the problem with reviewing films… going in, the premise of this film worked against it for me. Not only has it been done umpteen times but being such a small film I expected the worst. That is where The Frost managed to surprise me. Continue reading


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Before we kick off our coverage of all the films we can possibly see this year at the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival, I have to mention one thing. As many of you know, we don’t typically do reviews here on THE LIST. However, it would be irresposible of me not to have some critique of the films being showcased… especially after being given free access to see them.

I don’t typically rate films because it always seemed strange to me that The Matrix, Goodfellas and Toy Story could all be considered 4 or 5 star films when they all rank high for completely different reasons. So, for our purposes here, we’ll be relying on a different rating system which will be as follows: See it, Rent it, Wait for Cable and Skip it. With that out of the way, let’s discuss opening night and the festival’s premiere film: St. Roz. Continue reading