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Posted in Site News on May 13, 2011 by Kaiderman

Please come by the site Monday, May 16th for a VERY


Posted in Site News on January 29, 2011 by Kaiderman

We’re sorry but there’s no one here to write your post today. Please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience!

That’s right, folks. I’m taking the day off to play a little golf with Fletch. As far as a winner, much like the Highlander, there can be only one. Luckily, I’ll be doing my best Ty Webb…



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Movies are great and all but one has to have priorities. Today, only one thing matters:


WAIT!!! I can movie this up! Here’s Aaron Rodgers doing his best Raising Arizona:

Eagles are done… what bird is next??? Here we come Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weeeee’re Baaaack!!!

Posted in Site News on January 8, 2011 by Kaiderman

That’s right… after a much needed hybernation, THE LIST is back with a brand new special edition of MILFcast going up tonight and new posts going up every other day after that. We missed you very much and know the feeling is mutual so let’s get it on!


Posted in Site News on December 26, 2010 by Kaiderman

I’ve got to be honest with you guys… after nearly 53 weeks straight of bringing you the best movie lists on the web, I need a little break. So, I’m doing something I’ve never done. I’m taking a week off of work and taking a vacation.

When I started this blog, I managed to juggle a full time job, kids, a marriage and a biweekly podcast but about 9 months ago, a 4 hour daily commute got added to the mix and it has just taken it’s toll. So, the site is shutting down a couple weeks so I can recharge. We will be back with regular posts again the week of January 10th.

In the meantime, we will be posting MILFcast’s Tournament of Champions sometime between the 1st and 8th of January. Hopefully, that’lll be able to help fill the void so stay tuned for that.

I also want to say that during this time I will be celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife, and Editor-in-Chief, Shirley Rae.

You know what that means, right? Yup! I’ve had sex at least 7 times. Fingers crossed for #8! Actually, and in all seriousness, we are still completely smitten for one another. See:

So, stay tuned for our return and I’m out of here like Pesci and Glover!


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Well, I’m not sure I thought it would ever happen but we officially turn 1 year old today. I would like to thank everyone who has tuned in to read my jibberish over the past 12 months. I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported not only myself but the blog and the podcast as well. This site is nothing without all of you.

It’s crazy because it took us nearly 3 months to cross 2,000 hits when we started and now we stand ready to cross the 70,000 mark. That’s quite a difference in just 9 months time. I cannot tell you how hard it is to maintain a family, a full time day job, a website and a podcast but when I know people care about what I have to say, it makes it well worth the effort.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for this post for months and I think it’s come down to this…

When I started this blog, it was just going to be a new list every week. I knew many would be film related but didn’t start making this an exclusively movie-centric site until my third post. Which happened to be our first FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE post. But what came before that? Well, it wasn’t pretty but if you’s like to read my first attempts at trying to illicit smiles from you, click the links before and check out THE LIST’s first offerings. Offerings that, until this point, I’m pretty sure only my Wife and Mother had read.

They’re embarrassing but I’ve always tried to be that guy who lays it all out there. So, enjoy:



Thanks again everybody!!!


Posted in Film Festivals, Site News with tags , on September 15, 2010 by Kaiderman

That’s right, THE LIST has been been selected to help cover this year’s Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival. We would like to thank the festival for having us. While TVIFF may be a smaller festival, it features a great atmosphere, awesome music and focuses on some very interesting films. Many of you may remember me mentioning it when I did my last FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE post as it is where I first saw Mary Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School.

Our press passes were given to us very last minute so unfortunately we will not be able to cover portions of Thursday and Friday. However, stay tuned next week when we hope to have some posts and an episode of MILFcast dedicated to the festival.