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This weekend on the very special Halloween edition of MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast), we are set to have a debate I’ve been waiting a long time to have… and I want your feedback on the issue. My guest, Nick Jobe of Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob, is a firm believer that films like 28 Days Later are NOT Zombie films. I happen to feel quite the opposite…

Is it just me?


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Or did this guy:

… replace this guy:

… as Hollywood’s new cool guy? No doubt Jack is still the King but he’s getting up there in years. And Clooney seems to be slowly taking the reigns as the most charming man in Hollywood. Even going so far as to be the life (and humor) of most award shows. What do you think? Is it just me?


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Something popped in to my head a while back when I was watching Avatar. See the thing is that the Amp Suit from Avatar…


… looks just like the Power Loader from Aliens.

Then I realized that the ending of these films are EXACTLY the same. They feature a human in a human looking machine fighting an Alien. Only difference is that in Aliens, the Alien is the bad guy. In Avatar, the Alien is the good guy.

Now, Cameron has been quoted as saying he wrote Avatar before making Aliens. I wonder if he took the ending for Avatar and worked it into Aliens… and then recycled it nearly 25 years later.

Oh, and both films revolve around mining. I’m just saying… IS IT JUST ME???


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I was just thinking about this while listening to my buddies over at the Frankly, My Dear podcast as they reviewed the Indiana Jones trilogy. At the end of the film, Indy must complete 3 tests in order to retrieve the cup of Christ and save his dying father.

Now, many have tried, and lost their head in the process, but Indy figures it out with the help of his father’s clues. The first clue, Indy figures out is to be a pennitent man and kneel before God to avoid the saw that’s been chopping of those heads. I want to know how he knows to follow that up with a ninja roll to avoid the 2nd saw that pops up out of the ground. Seriously… rewatch the scene. Is it just me?


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Okay, so, Let The Right One In is one of the best vampire movies I’ve ever seen… and they’re remaking it. Which is fine… I’m not here to get into that. I’ll even say I think the trailers for the remake looks quite good. However, there is one thing that’s pissing me off. Continue reading