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I don’t know about you guys but I fell in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt after seeing the film Brick. The kid proved he was more than a child actor. He proved he had the potential to be a big star. With Inception under his belt, and a possible turn in Batman 3 right around the corner, he may soon be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. That’s why I’m doing this now.

I am making it my goal to turn Joseph Gordon Levitt into Jo-Go. I can’t do this alone people so help me out. A few people have already started to help the movement… thanks to the folks at The Dark of the Matinee and  Frankly, My Dear. But it’ll take more than that to make it happen. So, next time you see this man, remember…

… he is Jo-Go.

Look, I’ve tried to make things take off before and failed miserably. For instance, I realize people will never go back to pleated acid washed jeans… I see that now… I get it… but this one is do-able. Make it happen, people!!!


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Let me start by saying this: I AM NOT GAY! Not that I’m a homophobe or anything… personally I think it’s a superior lifestyle. 2 men could get so much done in a day! I just don’t want the ladies of the world to read this wondering with baited breath. If you listen closely, you can probably hear their collective sigh of relief right now. That being said, let’s get on with it…

While I don’t have a penchant for penis, there are a few up-and-coming actors out there who I do really like… NAY! Who’s careers I find myself cheering on. Plus, they’re all [switch to Zoolander voice] really, really good looking. Here’s my Top 5 (in order): Continue reading


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If there’s one thing I’ll always be grateful to my mother for, it’s that she exposed to comedy early and often as a child… it’s just a shame it didn’t have a bigger influence on my writing – WAH, WAH!

One of my favorite times of the week growing up was Sunday morning, when my mother and I would sit down and watch the VHS recording of Saturday Night Live from the night before. A tradition I still follow. Although, thank God, I have a DVR now!

The idea for this post came when I heard some people ripping on Adam Sandler. A guy who has come a long way since his stint on SNL. Becoming, in fact, a bonafide, bankable movie star. And that got me thinking about who the most successful stars to come from the show were. Now, realize, this is not a list of the greatest performers to ever take the stage at 30 Rock as a cast member. This is a list of the most successful stars to make the transition from SNL to the big screen and beyond.

I’m limiting this to 5, in order to allow for discussion but want to give HONORABLE MENTIONS to the following: Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Tina Fey, Dan Akroyd, Chris Farley & Adam Sandler. They did not make my Top 5. Here’s who did (in order): Continue reading


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——————– OUR 50th POST——————–

That’s right, boys and girls, the 3some game is back… like a bad herpes flare up. For those of you new to the site, here’s a break down (from my last post)of how the game is played:

This brain-child of mine was born out of my boredom for a game couples have been playing for years that shares a name with everyone’s favorite blog: THE LIST. The List, as I’m sure you know, is a game where partners keep an imaginary list of 3 to 5 celebrities in their proverbial back pocket. Should one of the devoted have the opportunity to have a chance encounter with one of the celebrities on their list, their better half would be forced to give them a pass (usually given because there’s no way in hell it could ever really happen).

Not only did I feel this game needed an update, I was also concerned because my wife is very attractive and should she run into Johnny Depp off stage at the taping of a  21 Jump Street reunion show on the VH-1 lot… who knows? I love my wife. And, let’s be honest, once you go Depp, you don’t go back. I know I wouldn’t! No matter how funny, charming, great at writing and hung I may be. So, I’m making the game a bit more difficult by introducing THE THREESOME GAME. Here’s how it came to fruition… Continue reading


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Typically, it isn’t hard to assess where someone is from. Whether it be due to the color of their skin, their behavior in social situations, an accent, whatever! From time to time, an actor (say James MacEvoy) can have me thinking he’s American but as soon as I catch him in an interview I say, “Oh, okay, that guy’s British!” Done and done.

However, there are 3 celebrities that I just can’t place… maybe you guys can help me out. I’ve researched them but I’m pretty sure their bios have been forged. They happen to be 3 of the best and hardest working actors in the biz. So, can I get A LITTLE HELP OVER HERE… where are these guys from??? Continue reading


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So, last week when we did our DESERT ISLAND DVD extravaganza, I couldn’t help but feel all the love out there for Firefly, Serenity and, in particular, Nathan Fillion. As many of you know, I’m a big Nathan Fillion fan. I’ve loved him since 2 Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place. Still, I can’t drag myself to watch everything he does… my apologies to White noise 2 and, his new venture, Castle. However, I did stumble across this clip from Castle’s Halloween episode where the writers and Mr. Fillion did a wonderful shot out to the short lived but much loved, Sci-Fi classic, Firefly. I thought it bared sharing. Here ya go:

That’s it, Browncoats. Feel free to comment below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

You can also sign up to get this blog via e-mail at the top of the page. And, as always, if you like this site, TELL A FRIEND!

Check back Saturday as that is when new posts go up. Have a great week and remember… I AIM TO MISBEHAVE!!!


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Nobody can argue the simple fact that in order to make a good movie the most important thing is a solid script. Except me, of course. Being a struggling screenwriter myself, I wish I couldn’t… but I can. No, I’m beginning to believe that casting can be the most important and integral part to having a successful film. Sure, a good story will elevate a good cast’s performance to new and extraordinary heights. However, good casting (particularly in regards to acting but, of course, in direction as well) can take a mediocre script and make it something special.

As I’ve discussed before, the road from script to screen is a long one, that makes many twists and turns along the way. Many times, whether we see a film or not is solely dependent on whether or not a major star is attached to take on the heavy roles. Since the road is long, a lot of times, actors can come on to projects and be forced to drop out for a myriad of reasons including scheduling conflicts, creative differences, lack of interest, ego, money issues and so on. So, this week, I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the major movie roles that actors have passed on over the years and the reasons why.

It’s amazing to think how different some of our favorite movies could’ve been if the cast had been different. So, with that in mind, I present you with this weeks’s list: THE MOVIES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Continue reading


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Those of you who read last week’s post know that Road House is MY FAVORITE ALL TIME CHEESY MOVIE! There’s so many reasons for loving this film that I thought it deserved it’s own list. So, here it is, this week’s list: THE REASONS ROAD HOUSE RULES. Continue reading


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Nothing too groundbreaking here, nothing that will ruin the film for you, but I guess I should say: SPOILER WARNINGS FOR BOTH FILMS.

I wouldn’t exaclty call this “hot off the wire” but I was able to find out a few cool things about these upcoming movies last week due to a chance encounter with a telemarketer. These include general storylines and a possible major actor being confirmed for Battleship. I might be breaking a story here, folks! Allow me to explain… Continue reading


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All right, so my review on my favorite awards ceremony is a little late but my family needed me so CUT ME SOME SLACK! Phew! Better…

So, we here at THE LIST were a little off on our picks but, then again, we also don’t have ESP. I was glad to see The Hurt Locker take home the top prize, as I felt it was most deserving. And it’s about time a woman was recognized for directing. Should’ve made those picks. Ultimately, THE LIST went 6 for 10 giving us a big fat D-. Proving once again why this should be your one stop shop for tips on Oscar pools everywhere! 🙂

Anyways, the ceremony came and went and, overall, I thought it was very entertaining. I’d go so far as to say it was one of the best I’d seen in years. Obviously, everyone, excluding the short-subject winners, read my post on KEYS TO A GREAT OSCAR SPEECH so no need to rehash that one. What I would like to discuss is what they got right, what they got wrong and what left me a little mixed. Here we go: Continue reading