Recently, I’ve come to realize that there is a plethora of female celebrities out there that I think are attractive but cannot, for the life of me, decide whether or not I think they’re hot. So, I’m presenting the argument to you. Hear me out and then tell me what you think.


Pros: Was a model. Sexy Body. Might still own her Silk Spectre costume from Watchmen.
She has a really big face. Kind of like a fat girl’s face on a skinny actress’ body.


Pros: See Galaxy Quest!
Has a chin only rivalled by the likes of Jay Leno.


Pros: Skinny, cute, rich, sexy lips.
Limbs like tether ball poles. Kind of feels rapey since they were the kids from Full House!


Pros: Tall, slim, exotic and sexy.
May have been born a man. Seriously, watch Rounders again and tell me you don’t get a Tranny vibe!


Pros: ????? (I’m stumped)
????? (Literally stumped!)

So, what do you think? HOT or NOT?

6 Responses to “HOT OR NOT?”

  1. Akerman – Hot with dark hair. Looks odd as a blonde. You’re right about her wide face though.

    Weaver – Looks great (and much younger) as a blonde, but dark hair makes her look older and matronly.

    Olsen – When they don’t look like they just stumbled out of a homeless shelter, they look cute, but calling them “hot” feels wrong.

    Jansen – No. Attractive in her own way, but not hot.

    Russo – Also a no. No real reason…just no.

  2. Ackerman: Absolutely! Bout the only thing she has going for her.

    Weaver: She’s hot in that, “powerful, sexy woman” sort of way. And yeah, she was on fire in Galaxy Quest.

    Olsen: Ew, no. They look like vampires these days.

    Jansen: Hell yeah! She was gorgeous in X2.

    Russo: Yes, in GET SHORTY. Otherwise… eh.

  3. Akerman: Yea she is definitely hot. Too bad she isn’t much of an actress ah

    Weaver: Never thought she was hot, she isn’t bad looking but not hot imo (Heather gonna kill me!)

    Olsens: Agree with Rachel. Cute in the right light, probably average in real life.

    Janssen: Attractive but not hot.

    Russo: Hell no.

  4. Famke played a tranny on Nip/Tuck, too! I’m getting suspicious.

    The Olsen twins are hot.

  5. Akerman: Depends on the day. Sometimes she’s absolutely smoking, other times she’s got a real annoying look about her.

    Weaver: I’ll go ahead and give her a hot rating.

    Olsens: Yes and please. Preferably the one who guest-starred on Weeds.

    Jannsen: Meh

    Russo: Hells to the no.

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