Looking at Val Kilmer, for me, is like looking into a mirror. In that, we’ve both ballooned to twice the size we were 10 years ago! I have to admit that this list is a bit of a cheat. I tend to try to focus on smaller stars when making these lists. Mainly because you can get a Top 5 Brad Pitt list anywhere. And Kilmer was arguably a huge star with some great films under his belt. However, in recent years, he has joined the likes of Wesley Snipes and Steven Seagal with a slew of straight to DVD films. I thought we should take a look back at a great career and liked the challenge of narrowing it down to only 5. So, here they are:


I felt like mentioning this film because a lot of people forget that it actually wasn’t that bad of a film. Better known as the non-Burton, non-nipple bat-suit film, Kilmer actually delivers a solid turn in this film and delivers one hell of a Bruce Wayne.


Some people like Wyatt Earp and some people like Tombstone. Personally, I’m a Tombstone man myself. The main reason for this is Val Kilmer who kills it as the infamous Doc Holliday. He’s so good, he could be my Huckleberry!


It seems like every time I do these lists a guilty pleasure or 2 manage to creep in. In this case, it’s The Saint. I love The Saint and if you haven’t seen it please stop reading, punch yourself in the face and go rent it right now. The film actually made close to 200 million dollars and is based on a popular series so why they never made a franchise out of these films, I’ll never know!

3. HEAT.

Admittedly, Heat is a bit slow-paced and a tad too long. Still, it gave everybody the DeNiro/Pacino teaming we’d been jonesing for since the late 70’s and features one of the best shoot outs ever caught on film. A scene that has been copied year after year since this film came out. “Takers” anyone?


Normally, I omit the films that feature our subjects for little screen time but I can’t help but feel that Kilmer’s character is so important to this particular story that it bears noting. Kilmer’s character (often thought to be Elvis but listed on IMDB as “The Mentor”) is the catalyst for Clarence’s transition into badassery in the film. It’s also a kick ass flick!


What can I say? It’s 80’s cheese at it’s finest! Everybody loves this flick and I do too. While films like Heat may be a quote-un-quote “better film”, Top Gun remains just a good old fashion fun time at the movies… and it has shirtless volleyball!

So, what are your favorite Val Kilmer films?

19 Responses to “TOP 5 MOVIES: VAL KILMER”

  1. loudogfotog Says:

    How did “Willow” not make the list?

  2. Nice list but you’re missing the best performance of his whole career… in The Doors.

  3. The Saint is awesome. And Lizzie Shue is so hot. Believable as a brilliant scientist with a breakthrough in cold fusion? As long as you have no follow up questions, yes.

  4. No Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang? I can’t see you not loving that film so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. One of the greatest Christmas movie ever.

  5. A bunch of great movies (except maybe Top Gun ahha but it was awesome back in the days). I highly recommend anyone to check out Felon, a recent prison thriller with Val playing a badass inmate.


  7. A couple more for your consideration: Top Secret and Spartan.

  8. Right with my fellow commenters. I’d put Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Doors on here. But, all things considered, damn fine list.

  9. Yeah, I’m shocked there was no Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on this list.

  10. Editor In Chief Says:

    you know kilmer gets farty and bloated from a foamy latte! he’s the greatest swordsman that ever lived!

    p.s. i hate elizabeth shue! she has fat girl face!

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