MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 20

For the 20th Episode of MILFcast, I am joined by resident hotty Heather Roddy (of Movie Mobsters) and our guest Marc Ciafardini (of Go, See, Talk) to discuss the following:

– Heather explains her Facebook updates.

– What we’ve been watching.

– We rank our Top 3 Most Anticipated Films for Summer 2011.

– We play a game of Kai’s Always Right and THE GAME!!!

You can find MILFcast on podOmatic by clicking here. You can also subscribe or download for free on iTunes. Please drop a comment or leave any feedback on the episode below or send me an e-mail at:

Here are the standings for THE GAME thus far (21 = Perfect Score):
T-1. Angie Carrillo – 18 points
T-1. Jon Sullivan – 18 points
2. Jim Napier – 16 points
T-3. Pablo Pappano – 15 points
T-3. Steve Bush – 15 points
T-3. Frank Mangarelli – 15 points
4. Scott Knopf – 14 points
T-5. Ryan Helms – 13 points
T-5. Dylan Fields – 13 points
6. Aiden Redmond – 11 points
7. Jon Silver – 6 points

Music for the podcast provided by Steve Bush of The Bill Shakespeares who can be found at

4 Responses to “MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 20”

  1. Editor In Chief Says:

    Great listen guys. I am wishing you talked more about the XMen casting. I could talk about that for days. When EIC’s two obsessions join forces. It’s gonna be epic!

    P.S. You might be the funniest people on the planet.

  2. Tricksy little hobbitses.

  3. Hands down the most fun podcast I’ve ever done! Thanks you two:)

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