Having been a Disneyland pass-holder for the better part of 16 years now, I was super excited to hear Disney was developing a script called THE MAGIC KINGDOM. The story has been described as “Night at the Museum inside Disneyland” and is rumored to be about a family who gets stuck in the theme park after it closes which happens to be when the attractions come to life. Say what you will about Night at the Museum, but those films were very fun. Imagine how much funner that premise could be set in surroundings familiar to most of our childhoods.

I was further excited to hear that Jon Favreau would be taking over this project as he films spectacular looking movies that always manage to entertain. The fact that he bailed on Iron Man 3 to make this film also got me very excited thinking that maybe there’s something special here.

So, being that I am very familiar with the park, I thought I’d list a few attractions I would really like to see used in the film. I wouldn’t say these are the Top 5 they should use but more the Top 5 I hope they fail to skip. Here they are (in order):


I think that we’d all like to see these rides used in the film but I think licensing and film rights would make it impossible. Still had to mention it though because how cool would that be?


A forgotten gem of the park! The Disneyland Train runs along the perimeter of the park and stops in 4 places. The Grand Canyon & Prehistoric Creatures attraction (showed in its entirety in the video above) is located on the last leg between Tomorrowland and the park entrance. I would love to see them use this attraction that many times was the last thing to enjoy on your way out of the park after a long day of fun. Bonus: It all ready looks like a movie set!


After a long day of walking in the sun, it was always fun to stop off in Adventureland, rest your dogs and have a laugh on The Jungle Cruise. This attraction could be ripe for comedy with all the silly animals and crazy natives. Including the classic head-shrinker at the very end of the ride. He might even make a great villain to chase them through the park!

My favorite joke from this ride: Up on your right, you’ll see the mighty Bengal Tiger. He can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and jump over 30 feet. But don’t worry folks, we’re only 15 feet away. He’ll fly right over us!


The highlight of Frontierland! Simply pop in 2 quarters, pick up the rifle and hit the glowing red dot. If you hit the target, the trees, coffins, crows and such move around and do neat little things. If you’re awesome at it like me, you can hit the dot on the back wall and make the ghost cowboy gallop by. This would be a great location for a small scene where the family trapped in the park could take some pot shots at their pursuers!


As a kid, it took just as much imagination to believe you could drive a car as it did to believe you could fly through the stars. However, Disneyland brought dreams to life. Autopia, located in Tomorrowland, lets kids get behind the wheel and be the race car driver. How cool would this be for the start of a Bourne Supremacy/ Bullit style car chase through the theme park.


A few years back, after the release of Dead Man’s Chest, Disneyland revamped the POTC ride to incorporate the films into the ride they were based on. That includes several animatronic Jack Sparrows strategically placed in the ride. How great would it be if one of them came to life and we got a little cameo by Johnny Depp in full Jack Sparrow character?

What about you? What would you like to see?


  1. that was all very clean. thought you were gonna ask for smutty versions of disney princesses

  2. I hope the abominable snowman in the Matterhorn just breaks this family off something fierce.

  3. Editor In Chief Says:

    @Ross: Seriously!! I’m his wife, and I thought he’d go smuttier, too. But you have to understand this man’s love of Disney. It goes deep.

    I guess growing up in LA will do that too you. I think we are spoiled that way, and probably have been there more than most.

    @Steve: Kai informed me they are called Yeti’s. 😉

    Great post, love. Glad to see you going the more traditional route. Old Skool. Can’t wait for the next post!!

  4. @editor in chief, yeah knew youd have a close eye on this post. Never been to a disney theme park, probably cos i dont want to meet my hero.
    My hero is Little John from disney Robin Hood

  5. Funny but the only Disney theme park I ever went to was… Eurodisney in Paris of all things.

  6. Ok, first of all, Night at the Museum was fun. But the sequel was fucking retarded and I’ll hear nothing more on the subject.

    However, I too love the idea of this movie. I was just thinking about it the other day, even though I hadn’t yet read this. Mind meld! But how in THE HELL do you not have either the Matterhorn or Space Mountain on here? What in god’s name is wrong with you, man? Space Mountain!

    I loved Autopia when I didn’t care that the cars were on tracks. Those were the days, man. It’s still fun, though.

    This post makes me wanna go back even more!

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