While these Top 5 Lists have typically been reserved for actors who aren’t necessarily on the same level of celebrity as Arnie, I had to do this in honor of the fact that the Gubbenator has announced he is returning to acting. He has informed his agents at CAA to officially start listening to film offers and even said he has a passion project about a German officer sent to kill a group of kids in WWII (who ends up saving them).

Arnie is all about the cheese and we love him for it… that and the fact that his accent hasn’t changed at all in the 4 decades he’s lived in the states… so, let’s honor him by discussing his Top 5 Films. Here are mine:


The Running Man is what made the 80’s great in that it is a completely lame 80’s action film. However, the thing that made it great was that it pitted Arnie against a bunch of different types of bad guys each with their own unique talent. In a lot of ways, it was like a movie version of playing Street Fighter.


Who would ever have thought that Tom Arnold and Arnold would make a great on-screen pairing? And who knew Arnie could pull off funny? Apparently, James Cameron! This film is liked by all who watch it and is still severely underrated. The only thing it lacked was getting Jaime Lee Curtis to do that strip tease about 10 years earlier.


I don’t know why I don’t dote on the Predator films more. I guess it’s because after the end of Predator 2, I took Aliens in the divorce. Still, this film has everything a Sci-Fi Fanboy like myself loves wrapped up in an 80’s action film.


Admittedly, I do not love the Terminator films as much as most people but it’s hard to ignore a film this good. Not to mention the effect it had on not only the box office when it came out but what it did technologically for film. Without this film, we wouldn’t have many of the films we’ve come to love since.


What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good ol’ Phillip K. Dick story! And this is one of his finest. It’s really kind of a strange movie for Arnold to do but he was perfect for it. A remake with Colin Farrell is due out next year but, if you haven’t seen it, go back and start with the original. It’s that good.

So, what are your favorites???


  1. Editor In Chief Says:

    great call on true lies…bill paxton is also great in that film….

  2. Bruce Wayne Says:

    I would have to add Twins to the list. By far, Ahnold’s best comedy.

  3. Great List! Total Recall really is one of his better films by all means.

  4. No Jingle All The Way? 😛

    Put that cookie down! NOW!

  5. T2 is the greatest action movie of all time!!! But Total Recall is a pretty solid choice too. And Predators is fun (killer main musical theme) despite the FLAGRANT homoeroticism 😛

  6. Love True Lies. If Heather was still around, she would massacre you for omitting the Terminators! 😉 I probably would have put Commando and Predators somewhere up here.

  7. The Running Man actually holds up pretty well especially when you consider all the reality TV that started littering our screens in the years that followed it. My top five:

    1 -The Terminator
    2 – Terminator 2
    3 – Predator
    4 – Total Recall
    5 – The Running Man

  8. I too love The Running Man. Predators my favorite. My favorite scene: the ultimate swole guy high-five between Arnold and Carl Weathers towards the beginning. The sound/foley of the hands clapping together is unbelievable. And so swole…..

  9. “And who knew Arnie could pull off funny?”

    Clearly, you need to watch Kindergarten Cop and Twins again. Of course, both are kind of terrible, but they’re fun as hell to watch anyway. I bring them up because both came out before True Lies.

    My list has Predator at the top, followed by Recall, followed by T2.

    I really need to watch Running Man again. Been waaaaaaay too long.

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