… or is The Prestige a fantastic movie? I have to admit, while I don’t talk about it much, it’s one of my favorite films. A film I think suffered by the fact that it was the “little project” Nolan was going to crank out between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. A film that I think was overshadowed by the hype behind the then upcoming Batman Sequel. The Illusionist didn’t help either.

When I ranked Nolan’s films a few months back, I put the film in a tie for 4th with Inception and behind the Batman films and Memento. Yet, after watching it again, I think it might be his best film. It’s perfectly paced, delicately executed and one hell of a tragedy. It’s also, in my opinion, a bit more of a mind bender than Inception.

The film was well received. Don’t get me wrong. However, I think it is severely underrated (even by myself at one point) in the cannon of Nolan’s work. I think, in retrospect, I would put it #1 among his films today, if it wasn’t for a certain little character named Batman. But, my question is…

… is it just me???

20 Responses to “IS IT JUST ME…”

  1. The Prestige is an excellent film, and it’s way better than you expect it to be. You’re right that it was hurt by The Illusionist, Hollywood likes releasing film genres in pairs for some reason (Deep Impact v Armageddon anyone?). So, no Kai, it’s not only you. Plus, it has David Bowie as Nikolai Tesla, and who can top that?

  2. It’s not just you – this film is wildly underrated. It’s the sort of film you want to go back and rewatch the moment it ends, and Lordy is that cast ever a gift!

    Pardon me – I suddenly have the urge to listen to Thom Yorke’s “Analyse”

    • I find Johansen slightly distracting just because she seems so much younger. But I suppose all the girls in it are pretty young.

      • Yeah – Piper, Hall, and Scarlett are all young in comparison…but in a lot of ways that’s reflective of the times too, right?

      • No, it’s reflective of Hollywood 😉 It’s actually extremely common for the male lead to be 10 or even 15 years older than the female interest. It’s amazing that most people don’t notice.

        – The Adjustment Bureau: Matt Damon is 40, Emily Blunt is 28
        – The Town: Ben Affleck 39, Rebecca Hall 29
        – Sherlock Holmes: RDJ is pushing 46, Rachel McAdams is 32

  3. It’s easily Nolan’s best film in my opinion. Nothing else he’s done has the level of writing, pacing and character development found in this film. I wish Nolan made more films like this centered around characters and less blockbuster Hollywood stuff (even though he’s the best blockbuster director right now).

  4. Not just you Kai 🙂 I love The Prestige and I agree with James that it’s Nolan’s best movie so far.

  5. its not just you. for once i agree with you on something.
    bad casting of David Bowie though.
    and Scarlett Johansson.
    but then she usually is.

  6. One of those movies where after the first time I watched it, I hit the play button on the remote and watched it again immediately.

  7. I’m gonna judge that, according to the comments of others here, it is not, in fact, just you. But they could all be wrong, which might make me wrong, too.

    I’ve only seen this once – I suck! Been meaning to buy it on DVD but keep forgetting about it. Send me a copy! 😉

    • I know you hate when everyone agrees with me on these, Fletch, but I thought saying it was Nolan’s best was fairly contraversial.

      • No, I agree with you – saying that was a solid “Is it just me” question. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised at all of the folks also claiming they think it’s his best. Something tells me if we go back to your list of Nolan’s flicks, we won’t see too many Prestiges on top.

      • I said in the post I had it Tied for 4th and I was WRONG! VERY WRONG!

      • I saw that – I meant from other people.

  8. Editor In Chief Says:

    Love, LOVED this the second time around…such a “mind rape”…hate, HATE ALL of the female castings….snaggleteeth are so distracting…Kirstin Dunst anyone?!

  9. I really need to watch this movie again. I saw it at the cinema and enjoyed it but haven’t seen it since. I would place it above Insomnia but probably not above Memento and the Batman movies. My only issue is that I haven’t felt compelled to see it again, there must be a reason for that. Having said that I had the same experience with Fincher, I only saw Zodiac for a second time on a recommendation (from Ross McG of all people!) and liked it a lot more than the first time.

    • Prestige is much better than Zodiac and I would say better than the Batman films but falls short because of, well, Batman. Also, the point of this is that I think it replaced Memento as a favorite of mine.

  10. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Watched the BD the other night (last time I saw it was the cinema), while the ending is abso-fucking-lutely the best thing ever I didn’t remember it being THAT slow and banal for the most part!

    Not near the best of Nolan i think…

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