While some of these guys got their start before we took to our bunkers for the Y2K apocalypse, they’ve all managed to make a name for themselves in the past decade. While they may not yet be on the same level as the Scorceses and Speilbergs, I feel these guys may be in line to be Hollywood’s next group of directing elites. Here they are (in order):


Best Film: Shaun of the Dead
Next Up: Them & Marvel’s Ant-Man

Not only did he direct probably my favorite comedy of all time but Edgar has made progress to solidify himself as more than just the director buddy of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. With Scott Pilgrim he proved he’s here to turn conventional filmmaking on its head. He’s a young guy but look for him to continue making his way to directing elite.


Best Film: Star Trek
Next Up:
 Super 8

Not only is Abrams a good director but he seems to have a good gauge for the types of movies people want to see. He seems to make everything he touches better, even if it’s a producing capacity. He has cited Speilberg as a major influence and I think you can see the influence in his work. If he keeps it up, he just might be the heir apparent.


Best Film: Iron Man
Next Up:
 Cowboys & Aliens

I don’t like that Favreau doesn’t make more of these types of lists. I mean, has he made a bad film yet? With each film he continues to get better and better and as sad as I am that he’s leaving the Iron Man franchise, I think it’s a smart move. I’m really looking forward to Magic Kingdom (a story about a family that gets trapped in the Disneyland park after it closes and everything comes to life).


Best Film: Pick one!
Next Up:
 Sucker Punch & Superman: Man of Steel

So, I’m a fanboy! We know this. And while Snyder tends to choose films that are fanboy favorites, that’s not why he makes the list. The fact of the matter is that Snyder is a great visual storyteller and makes films that audiences enjoy. He’s one of the few directors that never makes me feel cheated when I leave the theater having payed 15 bucks for my ticket. I also like that after years of bitching about CGI and poor special effects, Snyder came along and left us asking for even more because he uses it so well.


Best Film: Batman Begins, The Prestige, Memento. You know what? Anything but Imsomnia!
Next Up:
 The Dark Knight Rises

Arguably all ready elite, Nolan is a fantastic filmmaker. His biggest credit is taking men in funny suits and grounding them in reality. Obviously, most of you probably assume that Batman is what puts Nolan as my #1 but the fact of the matter is it’s his other films that earned him my top spot. Films like Inception, Memento and The Prestige are so wonderfully conceived, written and executed that Nolan earns the honor of top visionary to emerge from behind the camera!

17 Responses to “MY TOP 5 DIRECTORS TO EMERGE FROM THE 2000’s”

  1. No Guillermo del Toro? I think he’s one of the most talented, imaginative and thoughtful storytellers of our time. I’d easily take his work over the works of all these directors combined.

    • I love Del Toro but look at his resume. The only good film of the last 10 years is Pan’s Labyrinth. Not a fan of the Hellboy films or Blade 2 I’m 50/50 on.

      • Besides, he kind of emerged in the late 90’s with Cronos and Mimic.

      • True, he made some films in the 90s, but so did Nolan. He wasn’t talked about until The Devil’s Backbone, which is a really good film. I love both Hellboy films and enjoy Blade II.

      • See, I don’t. I only love Pan’s. The others are kind of mindless action films to me. Though I do think he is a great director.
        And Nolan only had one film in the 90’s.
        Memento was 2000.

      • I don’t think Del Toro “emerged” with Mimic. i think he was lucky to survivie it.

  2. Bruce Wayne Says:

    No Park Chan-wook?

  3. No Boon Jong Ho? He’s great…

    I would have put Edgar Wright as number one, in my opinion he’s way better than the others, nice list though!

    btw I like your blog a lot!

    • Thanks, Jack, and welcome to the site.
      I can’t say I like Wright more than Nolan but I could see people liking him more than some of the others.
      As far as Ho, I’m sticking to American Filmmakers with this but don’t think he would make my list though I love The Host and Mother was pretty good too.

  4. Good stuff, man. Can’t argue with Nolan and Wright – CANNOT effing wait for Ant Man.

  5. Couldn’t agree more on Nolan, he would be top of my list too. The only other names I would add to the list are Chan-wook Park (as mentioned above) and Paul Greengrass.

  6. Damn fine list! No arguments on any of these guys. Like Andy, I probably would have put Paul Greengrass on it in favor of Favreau, but, it’s not my list, is it?

    Abrams I think is the most impressive one here apart from Nolan because he was also the driving force behind ALIAS, LOST, and FRINGE, three of the most popular TV shows of the last decade. Not a bad resume for someone just breaking into the biz.

    And, hey! What’s wrong with INSOMNIA?

  7. I’d put Park Chan Wook and Paul Greengrass on this list also, definitely over Jon Favreau (I’d argue IRON MAN 2 was pretty weak). I love the inclusions of Nolan, Abrams and Wright, although I think Abrams’ best film is MI:3 (which I adore).

    I’m still making up my mind on how I feel about Snyder – loved WATCHMEN, hated 300, though DAWN OF THE DEAD was ok, haven’t seen the owl movie…looking forward to SUCKER PUNCH but rumour is it sucks. Hopefully SUPERMAN will help me decide for sure.

    For me, the other big arrival of the 00s was Ben Affleck. Sure, we all knew who he was before hand, but I maintain that GONE BABY GONE is one of the best directorial debuts of all time, and THE TOWN was also really solid.

  8. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Hells yeah! The “Star Trek” reimagining was a work of sheer GENIUS.

  9. Man Kai, AMEN to your whole list. Love seeing Snyder so close to the top and Nolan is really suited to sit atop all the rest. Abrams has been impressing me more and more and since I never watched Alias, Star Trek was really the first thing that made me start to like him.

    But Wright can do no wrong in my eyes. I just watched Scott Pilgrim again and I think it’s getting close to edging out Big Trouble in Little China as my favorite movie:)

  10. What? No Uwe Boll. This list is rigged!

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