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As much as everyone joneses over who’s going to get the title role in comic book movies, the success of these films tends to rely heavily on who plays the bad guy. The antagonists often have the meatier roles. Unfortunately, the people playing them don’t always take advantage. So, I thought we’d shine a spotlight on those who did. Here are my Top 5 Comic Book Villains (in order): 

5. DOCTOR OCTOPUS (Alfred Molina).

Doc Ock must’ve been a fun role to play because, though he is the villain of the film, he’s not necessarily a good guy or a bad guy. He’s become a victim of his own creation and a mindless slave to it. Watching Molina snap back and forth from blood thirsty bad guy to everyday nerd in a lab coat with a heart of gold was fun to watch. Oh, and those tentacles were super cool.

4. GENERAL ZOD (Terrence Stamp).

I’ve always thought Superman was a very boring character because he is basically impervious to any harm… save for the plot device that is a green rock from his home planet… which exploded… how did that stuff get to Earth? Anyway, putting him up against a megalomaniac criminal with a God complex from his own planet is the only way to make Superman not look like he could beat the hell out of anything walking down the street. And Zod was played uber-cool by Terrence Stamp.

3. THE JOKER (Jack Nicholson).

A little bit of Adam West’s world, mixed with all that zany wackiness and charm that is Nicholson and topped off with cool lines like “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” That about sums up Jack in Burton’s Batman films. A great part played by one of the greatest actors ever to take to the screen while at the top of his game. While others on this list may shadow his performance, there’s no taking away from what Jacky Boy did!

2. MAGNETO (Sir Ian McKellen).

A few years back, Wizard magazine ranked the Top 50 comic book villains of all time. Not in movies, in comics. Good old Magneto finished #1 beating even The Joker, a fanboy favorite. Magneto is a sinister character in that he truly believes his ways to be righteous. This is a man who cannot be reasoned with… and who has insane superpowers. I mean, he can take out Wolverine with the flick of a finger. That being said, how can you not appreciate McKellen whose performance was spot on and embodied everything that makes that character great!

1. THE JOKER (Heath Ledger).

I doubt I have to argue this one. Not only is this the greatest comic book movie performance of all time, it’s one of my favorite in movie history. Not to mention it garnered Ledger a posthumous Academy Award… the only man to take that honor for dabbling in the movie world of Marvel and DC.

So, what do you guys think???


  1. Bruce Wayne Says:

    Who can say they vanquished two of the five? Just me.

  2. I say that McKellen’s performance in X3 left me wanting, and that Fassbender might just swoop in FTW in this role. I’m also thinking that Tim Roth did an admirable job in The Incredible Hulk, and Rasputin was awesome in Hellboy. Let’s not forget that there’s an exciting new crop of em coming up – Mark Strong in Green Lantern and Tom Hiddleston in Thor.

    • Let’s not talk about what will be. I often re-do lists when a worthy performance arises.
      Tim Roth was good but he is not better than these dudes.
      And if Rasputin is the dude with the swords from the first Hellboy, he almost made the list!

  3. LOL – Tim Roth and his CGI monster were awful!

    I heart your list, Kai, and bless you for remembering that Jack’s Joker was the shit. It’s a shame that Ledger happened to play a character of the same name, because the two versions couldn’t be much more different, and yet both are great for different reasons.

  4. I actually like Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, even though it was clearly Nicholson lite. Is it wrong that I liked Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor, even though I hated Superman Returns? Granted, the character was written in an awful manner, but Spacey managed to make him seem just as sinister and self-righteous as he should be.

  5. Jesus H Murphy. I need to see Superman II already.

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