Save the puppy dog eyes… you’re not making THE LIST!!!

I hope you guys dig this list because it was a doozy to put together. Not only are they all great films but a handful of them would make my Top 50 Films of all time. So, here they are (in order):


I’m going to go with the Donald Sutherland version for this one because it blew me away with how cool it was. Such a shame that the ending was kind of ruined for me by the time I finally saw it. Otherwise, I think it would’ve blown my mind!


The youngest film on this list is probably the grittiest and goriest. Not only is District 9 a fun and original take on the genre, it also embarrassed most other filmmakers in Hollywood by making a 100 million dollar film on a 30 million dollar budget. Now where the hell is District 10?


Finally, a modern take on War of the Worlds told by a director who was born to blow shit up! Not only was ID4 a fresh take on the genre but it also gave us Will Smith the Movie Star. By the way, ID4 makes no sense! Independence Day 4? Are there 3 prequels?


You have to love this film about an Alien creature that sneaks into a remote science research center and takes the form of its victims. Not to mention Kurt Russell, who is at the height of his coolness here. A remake is due out this year but this is one of those films from way back when that is still awesome today.


A funny and creative film. If ID4 introduced us to Will Smith the Movie Star, then MIB cemented his status as a leading man. Tommy Lee Jones is also great in this one. What makes the film work as a whole is the way it grounds a pretty ridiculous concept and still manages to deliver on the funny.


There was this trend in the late 80’s, early 90’s of making films that took place in underwater bases or stations. I don’t know why it ended because I absolutely loved it and The Abyss was the best of the bunch. Many people find the Aliens in this film to be the thing that kind of ruins the film but I just think the whole thing works!


If you didn’t know that the Cloverfield monster was an alien, go back and watch the final scene, on the Ferris Wheel again… in slow motion… focus on the background over the water… you’ll see. This was meant to be the first person account of a Godzilla like attack which sounds boring in theory but proved killer in delivery. It is one of the best films of the past 10 years and may be my favorite movie trailer of all time.


Many people think M. Night Shyamalan’s films started to go downhill after Unbreakable. While I tend to defend most of Night’s work (except The Happening… Fuck That!), I have no problem saying that this was the last of his flawless films. Another way of telling War of the Worlds from a small town farm, this film has so many creepy little moments and is one of the best paced films I’ve ever seen.


SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen this film, stop whatever you’re doing (I’m guessing reading) and go watch it now. I suppose the fact that it’s on this list is a bit of a spoiler but you will still love this film.


No one makes a better Alien film than James Cameron. Even Ridley Scott, who made the first film in this franchise. Aliens is the end all be all of Aliens films. It was awesome when I saw it for the first time when I was 8 and it was still awesome when I watched it again last month. I’m of the opinion that it might be the greatest sequel of all time. If it’s not (*cough**Empire**cough*), it’s definitely #2.

What are some of your favorites?

27 Responses to “MY TOP 10 ALIEN MOVIES”

  1. I didn’t get the ID 4 thing either… but yeah, great film.

    And great photo of Donald Sutherland.

  2. Great list. I’m not a huge fan of Men In Black and I hated Cloverfield but Aliens is one of the best films ever made, and The Thing, Independence Day, The Abyss and District 9 are all great.

    • How do you hate Cloverfield? It was super awesome with extra bacon!

      • I loved Cloverfield, but I support the theory that Cloverfield was an ancient creature, not an alien, living at the bottom of the ocean that was awoken partially by the satellite thing you see fall into the ocean in the last shot. And I have a big alien boner going for The Thing, Aliens, and Signs. Great work.

      • I knew this would come up. That theory is al based on supplementary advertising online. There’s nothing in the film that supports that so I hold steadfast to the idea that they want you to think that is the monster falling from the sky.

      • I like how geeky this is getting. I like Predator too. Only alien movie that starred two future governors.

      • Predator was definitely considered. Woulda definitely been in my Top 15.

  3. Great top two pics. I also like Signs a lot, so I like that one as well.

    But man, leaving E.T. out in the cold like that? That’s harsh, dude.

    Also, I’d probably have Close Encounters somewhere on my list.

    • Yeah, I still need to re-watch Close Encounters. It’s a little slow for my ADD brain but love the film.
      And ET woulda made my list in the 80’s. Just at a different point in my life now!

  4. Nice list, loved Dark City and glad to see it up high. No Alien?

  5. Wow, surprised to see Signs so high up, but hey, awesome freakin’ list, man. Really need to see Dark City again, glad you dug Body Snatchers so much, and I love any list that throws love to The Thing. Fuck yes.

  6. […] Kai ranks his top 10 alien movies (The List) […]

  7. I love MIB. Such a classic.

    • Someone gave me crap for putting it abnove The Thing which was rough but it really is a good movie. And it’s hard ranking films above each other when they’re doing different things within the genre.

  8. Yeah, props for the kind words about Signs Kai. To me its either that or Unbreakable that are Night’s best movies.

    Cloverfield;yes, The Thing;I refer to Aiden’s comment, MIB & ID4; classic and how did I know Aliens would take the top spot:P Have you seen The Arrival? That’s one I quite like.

    But D9…hmm. I was so excited after seeing District 9 in the theaters, but am I the only one who thought it lost something at home on DVD/BD??

    • Nope. I still love D9. I feel the beginning is a bit slow on repeat viewings but it’s a pretty awesome film.
      As for Night, Unbreakable is best. Hands down but his first 3 are all flawless.
      And I have seen The Arrival if that’s the one with Charlie Sheen. Twas OK.

  9. My god! Where is CLOSE ENCOUNTERS? and you joke about skipping ET! for shame! Though I do love SIGNS! glad to see that made an appearance!

  10. I personally prefer the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. That one, I have to admit, scared me.

  11. Ah…District 9 in 9? it would be in 2nd place for me.

    Great list Kay. the only ones I haven’t seen are Cloverfield and Dark city… Didn’t realize i am such an alien person.I shoulddothis list tooonne day.

  12. What? No love for Alien vs. Predator: Requiem? Sheesh.

    Yeah, right – I ain’t watching that. I do echo the love for Predator – definitely woulda made my top 5.

    Seen all but two of these, and I aim to catch The Thing sooner than later.

    Alien > Aliens, but I think the people are pretty split on that one.

    At what point did ID4 become a great movie? I missed the memo on that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun watch, but it’s cheesy as hell.

    And it doesn’t belong on a top 10, but how ’bout some nostalgic love for Flight of the Navigator? Anyone with me? Young SJP?

  13. Agree with the list for the most part.

    Aside from placement, I’d probably swap ID4 with War of the Worlds and MIB for Predator and *maybe* Pitch Black for Signs. I need to re-watch signs, but Pitch Black is the finest Alien rip-off I’ve ever seen.

    I still want to see Battle: LA. Metacritic has it panned by the critics but the reception from user reviewers is far warmer.

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