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Anybody can do an A-Lister’s Top 5… we here at THE LIST continue to honor our vow to celebrate the best of the rest. Now, while Mr. Slater may have, at one point, been considered an A-Lister, he seems to have fallen on hard times over the last decade. Still, he remains an 80’s fav and, for that reason, I honor him now by celebrating his Top 5 Films. Here they are (in order):

SIDENOTE: I am excluding INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. While it would rank very high on most lists I’d do, I feel that Slater’s part was so small that it almost shouldn’t be counted for this… so it isn’t!


I’ll be honest… I need to rewatch this one. I remember liking it a bunch but don’t hold it to the utmost esteem that many others do. And while Untamed Heart and Young Guns 2 were pleading with me to make THE LIST, Heathers earns itself the #5 spot.


Very Bad Things? More like best weekend ever! Personally, I refuse to leave Vegas until a hooker has been buried in the desert! In all seriousness, if you haven’t seen this film, stop reading this or doing whatever you are doing and GO WATCH IT NOW! While it only comes in at #4, it would easily be the first Slater film I’d recommend!


Prince of Thieves is an awful and awfully cheesy rendition of the beloved Robin Hood tale… and that is exactly what gives it its charm. From bad accents to mullets to Brian Adams songs, this movie rocks… oh, and Slater’s in it!


I actually consider this the first Quentin Tarantino film (he wrote it but did not direct) and what a film it is. As far as Slater is concerned, I’d call this his best film performance and one hell of a drug heisting, comic book loving, hooker marrying, Elvis imagining good time.


I may get crap for this one but I don’t care. I LOVE THIS FILM! Not only is it the best Christian Slater movie, I contend it is the best skateboarding movie ever made! It features Slater as Brian Kelly, a loser skater kid complete with his Vision Gator board, setting out to avenge the death of his adopted Vietnamese brother… YEAH! I KNOW! It’s awesome!!!

What are your favorite Christian Slater films???


  1. Best skateboarding movie ever made? Right… you mean there are more than one? *shrug* I had no idea.

    I think it’s safe to say Christian Slater was doing Nicholas Cage before even Nicholas Cage knew he was doing it.

    Oh, and for the record – Broken Arrow. Overacting Travolta + overacting Slater = cinema heaven.

    • Broken Arrow was definitely in the discussion! But, yes! Best skateboarding movie. And there are more… like the Dogtown and Z-boyz films.

      • Unfortunately, I had to nullify Skateboarding as a sport because there are no Air Bud films about it. Might be strict but rules are rules.

  2. Always liked Christian Slater. He’s great in the interviews he gives…quite down to earth. Shame he’s not been in more movies though. Great top 5 Kai!

  3. I really like Slater and Kevin Bacon in “Murder in the First”.

  4. I go 2, 3, 5, and then probably Pump Up the Volume and Interview w/ the Vampire.

    Can’t believe I’ve never seen Gleaming. Guaranteed cheese, no?

    Hated Very Bad Things. Good idea, bad execution.

    • VBThings is awesome.
      Gleaming is the ultimate in 80’s cheese and brooding Slater!
      If you read the top of the post, I excluded Interview from the running since his part is soooo small.

  5. Editor In Chief Says:

    how can you not love a movie about a guy who thinks he has a baboon heart?

    @scott…can I get a rosie perez impersonation over here?!

  6. HEATHERS!!! Still one of my all time favorites. I watched it at a highly inappropriate age and was quite smitten with Mr. Slater for the longest time. I’d probably say 1. True Romance 2. Heathers 3. Broken Arrow 4. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 5. Untamed Heart or Pump Up the Volume.

    • Not to far off from mine. I’m guessing you haven’t seen Gleaming the Cube either? That was my goal here. To get the word out on that film! 🙂

  7. Not the greatest movie ever, but I’m kinda partial to “He Was a Quiet Man”…wonderful little look at mass shootings, with the typical (and not so typical) reactions that the public has towards them.

    • Yeah, Gleaming the Cube at No 1…Expected but deserves the top spot:P

      Right there with ya Red! Kai you should check out ‘He Was a Quiet Man’…he’s not necessarily cool in it but it was quite unexpectedly good. Same with Kuffs where he had some really great one liners:)

      Always had a soft spot for Slater and glad Robin Hood made the list because I’m also a sucker for anything Kevin Costner and they we’re both great in Thieves.

  8. Love this one! True Romance my favorite movie always.

    And for the Chief:

    “You are like wet sand in my underwear.”

  9. Probably one of the most unremarkable actor of the 90’s and that’s why we all like him ahah. I’m disappointed not to see Broken Arrow in there. That’s probably my most memorable movie of his, not that he is any good in it 😉

  10. For me it would be a choice between True Romance and Heathers for top spot. The Name of the Rose and Pump Up the Volume would have to make the list.

  11. I have to be honest when he was younger like in the Heathers
    he was drop dead sexy

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