Unfortunately, Kathy Bates just missed THE LIST!

I would like to thank Nick Jobe (of Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob) for having me on his podcast (The Demented Podcast) this week. You can find that, as well as scenes of me in the finale of his VLOG, by clicking here. While on the podcast, we had a riveting discussion about nudity in film which lead me to this. My Top 5 Nude Scenes in film. Here they are (in order):


After cutting her hair and going undercover as a boy at a rival high school, teen journalist Terry Griffith must reveal to the subject of her story, a less than popular boy she befriended, that she is in fact a girl. What better way to do this than ripping open her tuxedo and revealing near perfect breasts. This scene makes my list more for nostalgic reasons than anything. The film is pretty standard until the unnecessary flash shot.


Nudity is a very important part of making a good horror film. Piranha takes things a bit too far acting more like a porno that also features Elizabeth Shue and people being eaten by prehistoric fish. However, kudos must be given to the underwater ballet that takes place between Kelly Brook and Riley Steel… the only nude shot that needed to be in this film.


I have been on record stating this many times… I hate this film. The only thing that makes it worth its weight in celluloid is the lesbian scene that takes place between Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. Is it essential to the plot? I honestly couldn’t tell you what the fuck the plot of this film is so your guess is as good as mine.


Natasha Henstridge was one of those rare beauties that stood out even in a sea of flawless Hollywood blondes. Watching her walk around naked for half of this film makes it completely worth while.


I don’t want to put this film as my #1 because it feels a bit cliché but let’s be honest, it earned it. When Phoebe Cates stepped out of that pool in slow motion she instantly materialized into the living embodiment of every prepubescent boy’s wet dream… God bless her!

I should mention that while I take pride in all my lists, I feel this is the least concrete Top 5 I’ve ever put together and the order and choices could change from day-to-day depending on the weather, my mood and how many articles of clothing I’m wearing. But enough about me… what are some of your favorites?

20 Responses to “MY TOP 5 NUDE SCENES”

  1. Way to torque up the outrage from your hot or not list, Kai! Stir that pot!

    Phoebe Cates has never done it for me – Jennifer Connelly’s scenes in just about anything are spectacular. Even Requiem for a Dream is awesome despite the downer setting.

    And way to go on including Piranha in this list – the total drop your jaw moment of the entire film, the only moment that I wished I’d seen the movie in theatres!

    • Wait for my male nude scenes going up Sunday. Seriously…
      Phoebe was super hot back then and that scene is a teen dream and should always be revered as such… and I’m not a big fan of that movie.
      Jennifer Connelly is suuuper hot and I always feel bad that the end of Requiem nturns me on… because it shouldn’t… but it does! 🙂

  2. The Shining, dude, The Shining!

  3. Double Plug! Awesome.

    And good list (though we talked about all but 1 of these on the podcast).

  4. Good List my man! That lesbian scene in Mulholland Drive was pretty crazy not going to lie, and was very very hot. Although the film was kind of confusing really.

  5. I always hold a soft spot for Kate Winslet in TITANIC, but I will gladly acknowledge Heather Graham from BOOGIE NIGHTS, Halle Berry in MONSTER’S BALL, or Eva Green in THE DREAMERS.

  6. Bruce Wayne Says:

    Julie Andrews in S.O.B. Mary Poppins gets nude!

    Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart. Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places. Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie. Charlize Theron in Devil’s Advocate.

  7. Great top 5! Who could forget Phoebe Cates in Fast Times…always look forward to the swimming pool scene.

  8. Damn, that is one hell of a list. Haven’t seen Just One of the Guys, but those are some boobs and I have no effing idea how she could possibly pull that disguise off with those puppies hanging around. Nevertheless, awesome.

    And I like to think Kathy Bates is an honorable mention, because that scene is one of the many reasons why she’s one of my heroes.

  9. Just One of the Guys is an all-time WTF nudity moment, in that it was not only shocking, but then you were shocked at how great her tits were. And Billy Zabka’s in it!

    Can’t disagree on Henstridge herself, but this is “scenes,” and I don’t know if there’s one key memorable one there. When it’s half the movie, the power of the Great Nude Scene is lost.

    And since no one has said it yet…Wild Things.

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