This may be a new feature here on THE LIST. Recently, I’ve come to realize that there is a pleathrea of female celebrities out there that I think are attractive but cannot, for the life of me, decide whether or not I think they’re hot. So, I’m presenting the argument to you. Hear me out and then tell me what you think.


Pros: Tall, thin body. Cute Face. Sense of humor.
Perhaps she’s a bit too average in the looks department.


Pros: Punk rock looks. Tattoos. Cute face.
She’s a little buff. Has a strange nose.


Pros: Dead sexy as Marla Singer.
Dresses weird. Possible unibrow. Might be insane.


Pros: Looks amazing for her age.
Her age.


Pros: A fanboy favorite for playing Buffy. Definately cute.
Let’s be honest, she’s no Daffney. Also, attracted to Freddie Prinze, Jr. types.

28 Responses to “HOT OR NOT?”

  1. Carter is definitely insane, but you gotta love her all the more for it. My favorite of these five.

    I would say all five of them are hot, with Wiig coming in last. It’s getting borderline mental to call someone of Mirren’s age hot, but she’s still a fox. The only person who even comes close to looking that good at her age is Katheryn Bigelow.

  2. Is that Sarah Michelle Geller’s face attached to another model’s body!

  3. P!ink does it for me. I regret not being the one to knock her up

  4. Wiig: Not.
    Pink: Not.
    Carter: Not. Frightening woman.
    Mirren: Absofuckinglutely hot. I hope my future wife ages that well.
    Gellar: Hot, but mildly so.

    I dig this feature.

  5. No, no, possibly, 20 years ago, butterface.

  6. Helen Mirren is smoking. The rest…not really.

  7. The Grey Hair is some hot kitty……….

    Kristen 8 of 10 – Hot
    Pink 7 of 10 – Waaaaarm
    HBC – 9 of 10 – Electrolysis and nutty in the head……great & bed….. you see her saying ‘No’….. to anything?
    HM – GILF? I wouldn’t turn down driving a nice 63 split window Corvette, but it’s got noting against a 2011.
    SMG – She’s def one of the most ‘lighting & angle’ dependent of the bunch. Let’s just say both of us would be watching TV.

  8. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Awesome!


  9. Not to get all feminazi, as I’m apt to do (it’s the email subscription to Racialicious), but why must we deconstruct an actress’s appearence? Can’t we just accept that they’re way more awesome than any of us will ever be and be done with it?

    • Sure… wait… no. πŸ™‚

    • Because by virtue of choosing a career in film, they are by default, offering themselves up for interpretation, critique, analysis and ranking. Being a primarily visual medium, an actors appearance is their foremost commodity, and their attractiveness is inseparable from how they are used to not only tell a story, but market a film.

      Might as well ask why beer commercials feature beautiful women. Consumer demographics.

      Solid, quality actresses have their spots. Beautiful quality actresses are even more valuable.

      Lastly, we do this not because we ‘must’, but because like fans of many endeavors we enjoy discussing and debating the smallest to most important aspects of our passion.

      Or, we men like pretty faces and boobies…….grrrrr……knuckle drag……knuckle drag…..

      Take your pick.

  10. Male actors? Absolutely!

    I’m sure all of the characters named Biff, Rock, Dirk, Chet, etc. on the daytime Soaps were hired for their years abroad performing Shakespeare in parks for the great Hipster masses.

    You’ve got your George Clooney and your Paul Giametti. Both great actors, but I’m sure one has a higher lust rating from the females.

    Ohhhh…. you said pretend you didn’t say anything.


  11. NOT
    Ok she looks good for her age but still…
    Ok cute

    I guess that’s why they are on this list πŸ˜‰

  12. Not, Not, Definately Not (pumpkinhead), Hot, Hot. Good idea for a post Kai, and incredibly elequent (not sure I spelled that right) and concise Marc.

  13. 1. Hot if you’re into the drugged up neighbor lady.
    2. Hot if your favorite position is on your back with a skateboard being thrown at your face.
    3. Hot in a ‘made for Hannibal Lecter’ sort of way
    4. Hot. No arguments.
    5. Hot if your sole desire in life is to spend every morning dying her hair black and hoping Selma Blair stops by for a picnic.

  14. uh… sorry. i clicked on here to find a movie website.
    maybe ill come back later…

  15. Pink is just a bit buff, but I’ve had a crush on her since that song “Get This Party Started” but never been a fan of her tattoos.

    Cater is justifiably insane…though it could just be acting. In that case she’s a genius…but her fashion sense is the most shocking thing about her:P

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