What can I say? With every day that passes, I get more and more excited for Christopher Nolan’s next installment in the Batman franchise. To bide my time, I thought we could take a look back at all the men who have played the Caped Crusader on the silver screen and figure out who did it best. Let’s get to it:


This production was doomed from the start but it’s for reasons beyond just nipples on the bat suit. Even Clooney agrees he was easily the worst to take the part.


Batman Forever is the most under-appreciated of all the Batman films and while Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey brought 60’s camp to their roles, Kilmer actually turned in a solid performance as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.


Bale is a great Bruce Wayne and, his gravelly voice in The Dark Knight aside, a really good Batman. He also stars in what are easily the best of the Batman movies. Unfortunately, #3 is the best I can do for Mr. Bale.


While some of you younger folks may disagree, those of us who grew up watching reruns of the campy 60’s Batman series have a special place in our hearts for this man. Since he did actually make a feature-length Batman movie he has to be considered amongst these other men and makes my #2 for nostalgic reasons alone.


While the 1989 Batman is very Burton-y it was still everything a young fanboy could’ve dreamed of back in the day. The success of this film rests on the performance of one of the most underrated, underused actors in all of Hollywood: Mr. Michael Keaton. Well, Nicholson helped too! Still, Keaton turned in a great Batman and a spot on Bruce Wayne earning him the greatest honor of his career… #1 on my list!

16 Responses to “RANKING BATMEN”

  1. Great minds think alike, Kai. But your omission of Kevin Conroy (Mask of the Phantasm was a feature release) will not stand. This will not stand, man!

  2. yeah, has to be Keaton on top. ‘You wanna get nuts?! Lets get nuts!!’

    Ranking Batmen… im singing the title of this post. to the tune of ‘Making Christmas’ from nightmare before christmas

  3. I reckon you should rank the Batman VILLAINS. Gives you a few more to chose from, plus the bad guys tend to steal the show in these films anyway

  4. No qualms here – I can see some giving you shit for West being #2, but nostalgia is huge.

    I wonder how Clooney would have done in a real Batman movie and not a fucking pun machine co-starring rollerblading bad guys and a blue Austrian. He might have actually been solid…

    • Editor In Chief Says:

      I object…I actually know one of those rollerblading bad guys…Ryan Allen Carrillo…you can also find him rollerblading bad guying in Austin Powers: Goldmember….look him up, I hear he’s huge in the gay community:)

  5. YES! Much love for the Keaton! BEST. LIST. EVEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m sure this is a fine list Kai, but I was unable to read it. The moment I saw the George Clooney and Batman I suffered through a flashback montage of all the awful puns and product placements in that film before my head collapsed onto itself. This comment is based solely on what few accessible memories I now posess. Or as I like to call it: just another day of the week.

  7. George Clooney unsuitable to play a millionaire playboy? Am I the only one who found that odd?

  8. None of these are Kevin Conroy. And before people say his voicework never appeared in a film, go watch Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm.

  9. I adore your love for Keaton. Will be the only Batman to me ti the day I die.
    Great job listing them and I too think Kilmer was pretty good, and you’re right the film’s camp took too much attention off his performance.

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