As you all know, my co-host on the MILFcast, Heather Roddy, and I love to laugh. We also like to give away DVD’s… we have weird hobbies. So, we thought why not combine our two passions. Our last guest on the podcast, Pablo Pappano, director of the documentary Clickin’ For Love, gave us a couple copies of his film and we want to give them to you.

All you have to do to win is write something movie related that makes us laugh. We’re keeping it pretty free form like the Kai’s Always Right game to allow for creative freedom. It can be a sentence, a paragraph or a thesis. We don’t care as long as it makes us laugh. Please leave your entries in the comments section below or, for longer entries, e-mail them to and put DVD CONTEST in the subject line.

Winners will be announced in a future episode of the MILFcast. Good luck and have fun!!!


  1. My girlfriend and I love to watch movies. Though sometimes it can be tough to convince my girlfriend that she will enjoy a movie shes has never heard about. One night I’m trying to get her to watch Primal Fear. I had only ever seen the last thirty minutes, but I told her it seemed very good. She wasn’t convinced. I said come on its Edward Norton(big fans) and its about a murder(whats not to love). So we start to watch it. There’s the murder and later a sex scene. Not long after that I asked, “you like it so far?”. Her response, “I love boobies”. Just one of the many reasons I love my girlfriend!

  2. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:


  3. When I went to see Inception, some dude behind me yelled to Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt “Just make out already!”. I didn’t let my sister see, but I fist-bumped him on the way out.

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