So, this is a few days late but very worth mentioning. Apparently, Anne Hathaway has been cast to play Selina Kyle (aka: Catwoman) in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film.

In addition to this revelation, it was announced that Tom Hardy, who was cast a few months back for an undisclosed role, will be taking on the part of Bane. He certainly can pull off the look:

For those of you that don’t know Bane, aside from the way he was ridiculously portrayed in Schumacher’s Batman & Robin with George Clooney, he’s actually pretty cool villain from Batman’s rogues gallery. In the comics, he even broke Batman’s back and nearly ended his crime fighting career.

I am super stoked about the Hathaway and Catwoman news but am a little depressed to hear they pursued the Bane route instead of bringing a Penguin or Riddler into what just might be Nolan’s last turn at the helm of this franchise. What do you guys think???
Is it just me???

8 Responses to “IS IT JUST ME?”

  1. What’s not to be psyched about? Hathaway is a pinhole projection of an extra dimensional goddess of beauty and Hardy’s got both acting chops and highbrow movie street cred. They are the best possible choices for the next film. I might be a little worried that they might be announcing this a little soon which might mean there will be more cramming of characters moving forward, but I have faith in the Nolan. Now, if we could only do something about Bale’s ridiculous voice…

  2. yeah have to disagree Kai, seem like decent choices to me. but as you say it would have been interesting to see what nolan would do with the riddler. maybe felt he couldnt top joker with him so has gone for diff characters

  3. I’m good with this too, and especially curious to see what Nolan does with both characters. I don’t think either one will get portrayed the way we think…and I’m especially intrigiued by the fact that Hathaway has been listed as ‘Selena Kyle’ not ‘Catwoman”

    Is it 2012 yet?

  4. Trust in the Nolan.

  5. This movie is going to be so horrible it will singlehandedly cause the collapse of Western civilization.

  6. @Castor: Haha…!

    …Nolan can’t put a foot wrong in my eyes.

    I’m never sure of casting choices until I see them in the role. But when it comes to Hathaway, she has that seductress requirement needed for Catwoman, and she’s a quality actress.

  7. I can never doubt Nolan. He can do no wrong in my mind.

    But I’m a little … intrigued by Hathaway’s casting. She doesn’t strike me as the really sexy type. The only reason she was sexy in “Love & Other Drugs” is because she showed her boobs half the movie. Something tells me Nolan won’t have her naked at all. Good luck to her having a sexy swagger.

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