So, it’s a time to take a look back on the back of 2010. While most people like to list the best films of 2010, I prefer listing my favorite. While they may not end up winning Oscars, I feel they were the most entertaining.

Before we jump in, I’d like to list the films that I still haven’t seen that I could easily see making my Top 10. Here they are:
True Grit, Black Swan, Jackass 3D, Due Date, The Karate Kid, The Social Network, Tron Legacy, Pirahna 3D, Let Me In & Waiting for Superman.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it. Here’s my Top 10 (in order):


A fresh take on what was turning into a tired franchise. The casting on this was fantastic and it turned out to be good old cinematic fun.


Say what you will about the P.A. movies, this was a solid follow up to one of my favorite films of last year.


I had NO desire to see this film and even knew the twist going in. All that working against it and this film still managed to impress the hell out of me.


This film is 2010’s Indie darling and will no doubt garner award nominations. Here’s hoping it takes home at least one statue come March.


Basically, a much more entertaining version of the heist film Heat. This film is fun, features great performances all around and is proof that Affleck might be da bomb at directing, Yo!


A great and unconventional take on what’s becoming a tired genre. Vaughn also continues to prove he can do no wrong.


This film has everything a Sci-Fi fan wants out of a movie. Some were none too pleased with the film’s ending but I absolutely loved it!


Toy Story 3 was great but it was also a bit of a rehash of the first 2 films that came before it. Now, HTTYD was something else entirely. Easily the biggest surprise of the year, HTTYD was a great animated film that will no doubt be killed off by Pixar come Oscar time.


Christopher Nolan is just getting damn good at his craft and proved it by making back the 200 million that Warner Brothers invested in an original screenplay idea… and then some.


HANDS DOWN THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR! This innovative and original storytelling delivered everything an ADD kid that grew up in the 80’s has been waiting for inย film.

So, what were some of your favs?

21 Responses to “MY TOP 10 FILMS OF 2010”

  1. Really great list Kai. Good to see some unexpected titles in here (nice to see some people loved Predators/PA 2/Splice besides me) and overall a great list.

  2. Kai, you’re the man. Scott Pilgrim was my #1 for a long time this year, but then I saw The Tillman Story, but Pilgrim was easily the best time I had watching a movie in 2010. But I gotta say, saying that The Town is better than Heat is gonna put you on mighty fine ice with some folks.

    • Not better than Heat but it had more of the pace I wish Heat had. It’s very similar to Heat (scarily in fact) so I enjoyed it more in that sense. Heat is good but can be fuckin’ slow, mate!

  3. Predators at number 10 – good work sir

  4. Just saw Splice and Dragon this week and while I liked them a lot had I seen them last year they would have made my list ( The rest of your top 10 (especially your top 5 )I’m digging and kudos for your Number 1…looks like we’re more or less on the same page. Except for The Town (maybe I have to see it again).

    But I’m surprised by your number 10. A reboot/sequel to Predator, I kind of liked it but expected so much more from the fabled Robert Rodriguez script I had heard about for years.

    Although Kai, if you’ve read it of course, would you like the movie if it had Rodriguez’s original ending??

  5. Predators was such a bland and lifeless remake! I also found Scott Pilgrim to be missing the mark. So except for your #10 and #1, I like your middle 8 ahah ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I haven’t seen Splice)

  6. This is going to be interesting. Your list and my list are going to overlap about the same as a four-hundred foot rope stretched across the circumference of earth.

  7. Awesome! I finally found someone who loved Predators (almost) as much as I did. I ranked that awesome, old-school action flick 8th on my own top 10, and I keep getting questioned about it. I say it rocks though!

    Marc, what was the alterate ending?

    Not crazy about Winter’s Bone, Splice, The Town, Kick-Ass or How To Train Your Dragon – I mean I liked them all, but none of them made my own list. Really wish I’d gotten to see Dragon in 3D though, everyone seems to rave about that.

    Totally on board with your Top 2 though – both made my list, and both are totally energetic and unique pieces of filmmaking from two of my all time favourite directors.

  8. good list Kai B. Scott Pilgrim is great fun, makes no sense the world shrugged its shoulders. must check out Splice. adrien brody having sex with aliens.. whats not to like?

  9. This is such a beautiful reflection of the most blogger-loved movies this year. No caving to Academy pressure. Beautiful.

  10. Loved Shutter Island too. I think the film actually works even better when you know what’s going on. Great for repeat viewing.

  11. …also, the fact Fincher is directing the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo makes that one more interesting. I thought the original Swedish film was okay but it’ll be interesting to see what Fincher does with the material and how different the two films will be.

  12. Yeah! Scott Pilgrim is definitely the best. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Happy New Year Kai! Haven’t seen a single film on this list yet! I couldn’t fill one hand with the films I seen from 2010. Not even horror films. I’ve got lots of catching up to do.

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