MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 14


We’ve assembled the best of the best out of those who have taken a crack at THE GAME and gathered them up to compete for cash and prizes… not to mention bragging rights. It’s time to see who truly is the best. It came down to the following competitors:

1. Dylan Fields – 19 points
2. Steve Johnston – 17 points
T-3. Rachel Thuro – 15 points
T-3. Jason Soto – 15 points
4. Mad Hatter – 13 points

Who will be crowned the Champ? Tune in and find out!

You can find this episode on iTunes (Keyword: MILFcast)… or stream it for free on Podomatic by clicking here!!!

8 Responses to “MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 14”

  1. There’s a very good reason I wasn’t in the tournament of Champions. Wow, these guys are good. Very fun podcast!

  2. Not a bad thing that I didn’t make it to the final, I didn’t do well playing along at home.

  3. Finally! I don’t have to keep the results a secret from Jess anymore.

  4. Epic listening! Edge of your seat stuff!

  5. what is the game. i can never get your podcast to work, dagnammit. more my fault than yours Kai im sure

    • Download it from iTunes is the easiest, McG. Or go to the Podomatic site ( and just press the play button.
      The game is a trivia game. I sent you and McD an invite to come on the show early on but you guys never got back to me! Invitation still stands.

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