Weeeee’re Baaaack!!!

That’s right… after a much needed hybernation, THE LIST is back with a brand new special edition of MILFcast going up tonight and new posts going up every other day after that. We missed you very much and know the feeling is mutual so let’s get it on!

5 Responses to “Weeeee’re Baaaack!!!”

  1. Alright Kai, you know the drill. We’ve got three questions for you.

    1. Did you sleep with a four legged animal? (no true vacation is complete without it – and no, your wife doesn’t count… unless she’s a werewolf).

    2. We need approximate counts: Alcohol vs. Conscious reasoning, which did you partake in more?

    3. Did you bring me back any goodies? *insert sad puppy face here*

  2. YES!!

    +10,000 EXP

  3. Univarn:
    1. Almost.
    2. Started drinking around 11am each day but didn’t drink heavily so I’d say that I was pretty conscious unfortunately.
    3. I did bring something back for you… DEEZ NUTZ! *insert look of eagerness here*

  4. Accomplishment Unlocked!

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