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We don’t just like to cover the “greats” here on THE LIST. We also like to spend some time spotlighting the so-horribly-cheesy-that-they’re-awesome actors as well. Today’s spotlight covers the latter. That’s right, today we’re talking about the greatest Lou to come out of the 80’s, after Captain Lou Albano. He’s arguably the greatest Mexican American possibly Cherokee possibly South American possibly American Indian actor to grace the silver screen… the one and only LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS.

In all honestly, while LDP has somewhat faded into obscurity, or at least to realm of SyFy shows and straight-to-DVD movies, he really is a pretty good actor. Want proof? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. I present you with his Top 5 films (in order):


Great movie but only comes in at #5 as I’m not sure this is what you would call a LDP vehicle. Still, was nice that as his career was on a bit of a downslide that someone gave him a role in a serious film. A role that he did a pretty good job with.


The Big Hit is one of my guilty pleasures. Am I the only one that kind of loves this film which stars Christina Applegate, Antonio Sabato Jr., Mark Wahlberg (still looking like Marky Mark) and LDP as the bad guy Cisco?


“What’s Cal-cool-luss?”
I’ll tell you… it’s what you think would be a horrible subject matter for a film set in an urban high school. Turns out, not so much. This film features Edward James Olmos, in the pre-Adama years, as Jaime Escalante. A teacher who taught a group of potential drop-outs Calculus and how to face adversity. LDP has one of my favorite movie quotes in this one (in reference to the mailman):
“I killed him. His bones are decomposing in my locker.”


This is proof that the Academy was racist in the 80’s to American Indian possibly Cherokee possibly Mexican American possibly Southern American actors. This role would’ve garnished any other actor an Oscar nod. Hell, I think Busey got one for basically the same movie… but not LDP. Still, he turns in solid work in this gem from my childhood which subsequently still has that song stuck in my head!


Not even going to argue this… my favorite western of all time. Is it the best? Probably not! But it sure is a ton of fun and LDP is great in it as everyone’s favorite Peyote eating, mystical realm talking, last of his kind, Mexican slash Indian Chavez!

So… did I leave anything out?


  1. no Renegades??!!! denied.

  2. I greatly enjoyed LDP in Courage Under Fire. Dude has been around for so long but it’s too bad we don’t see him much on the silver screen anymore.

  3. It sucks we barely see him on screen anymore! He’s got some great roles, especially turning in an amazing one in Stand and Deliver. Miss this dude!

  4. Definitely Stand and Deliver all the way. He’s on TV a lot more. He had a great recurring role on the now canceled NUM3ERS. I’ve seen him this year, but can’t remember where.

  5. This is freakin’ hilarious idea for a list, Kai. Well played. Only seen Courage Under Fire actually, looks like I’m missing out.

  6. The Big HIt si the #1 film of all time!!!!!!!! “I came to finish what I started motherf*****”.

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