… or does this guy completely deserve an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor?

Anyone that’s seen Winter’s Bone can no doubt bet that it will most likely be this year’s Oscar Indie Darling. Jennifer Lawrence is sure to have her name thrown about when nominations come around and I think that it is well deserved but what about John Hawkes? Hawkes has been in Hollywood for a long time and is probably best known for playing weenie roles in films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Identity, The Perfect Storm and in shows like East Bound and Down. However, Hawkes channels his inner bad-ass in Winter’s Bone and turns in a solid performance that I think is well worth an Oscar nod.

I dunno… is it just me?

21 Responses to “IS IT JUST ME?”

  1. Completely agree. The guy is another level of crazy in Winter’s Bone, and the scene with him sitting in the pick-up was absolutely fantastic. Possibly the best scene of the movie.

  2. From Dust Till Dawn? Oh yeah! He’s the guy in the shop at the beginning…new I’d seen him somewhere.

  3. It’s not just you, he’s awesome. Although, since he’s not a big star, Hollywood will probably find some other lame people who can’t really act to nominate instead.

  4. The first time I saw this film, I said to my wife, “Why is everyone talking only about Jennifer Lawrence? She was good but what about Hawkes?”

  5. Dude is an awesome actor and more than deserving of an Oscar nod this year. See him in “Me and You and Everyone We Know”, a nice little indie comedy from 2005.

  6. ABSOLUTELY, DUDE! It is NOT just you! Teardrop was an effing incredible character and it’s all ’cause of Hawkes. This dude is one of the best up-and-comers out there, homey. WORD!

  7. Editor In Chief Says:

    i’m still irritated you watched this without me…argh!! you know i’ll never watch it by myself… p.s. the couch DOES smell like dog pee…

  8. Agreed here. Dude gives me a Dennis Hopper vibe all the way. He kicked ass in W.B.

    FYI – I like this feature, but you really need to try harder. I want to see something where it’s not just you asking “is it just me?” and everyone agreeing. I want to come here and say, “yeah, it’s just you,” like I do when people try to tell me that Temple of Doom is the best Indy movie or something.

  9. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Awesome shout, this guy’s well under-rated. Even when he plays a the crazy shoe-shop guy in ‘me and you…’ he’s ace. And Eastbound, and DEADWOOD! What a legend.

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