As many of you know, a little over a month ago I covered the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival. Unfortunately, due to getting my media credentials with very short notice and coming down with a bug while at the festival I wasn’t able to give all the films being featured the coverage they deserved. Luckily, a few filmmakers were nice enough to get me copies of their films so that I could review them even though I missed them at the fest. Such was the case with Pablo Pappano who directed the documentary CLICKIN’ FOR LOVE. Here’s a breakdown on the film:

USA, 2010, 88 min
Producer/Director: Pablo Pappano

CLICKIN’ FOR LOVE is a light-hearted documentary exploring the modern world of online dating. Online dating veterans share stories of searching for casual encounters, soul mates and everything in between.

Clickin’ was named one of the “Best of the Fest” at TVIFF and it’s pretty easy to see why as soon as you sit down to watch the film. The film is energetic and a ton of fun to watch. In a lot of ways, it could be considered a Guide to Internet Dating for Dummies as it chronicles the whole experience from what sites are out there to what communication between singles is like and even follows one young man as he goes on his first meet. However, that is not what makes this film work.

Where this film gets it’s charm is in the people Pablo chose to sit down and film. Each, with different levels of Internet dating experience, sits down and talks about how they ended up turning to the Net to find love and share experiences, both good and bad, of their past conquests. Apparently, Pablo tracked down all these people through Craig’s List and the group he’s assembled for this film vary in age, gender and personality. Because of this, the film gives a unique perspective on it’s subject from many different angles making a film just about everyone can enjoy.

I’ve also mentioned that a lot of the films from TVIFF are fairly low budget and, while I don’t know what Pablo spent on his film, I imagine the case is the same with Clickin’. However, I must say, Clickin’ was one of the best looking films I came across from the fest. It’s shot well and features animation, some filmed scenes and stock news footage that give the film a real sharp look and feel.

I will admit that I wasn’t really in the mood to watch this film when I did. I say this because the film won me over within the first few minutes which I think is a testimony to how good it is. Even if the subject doesn’t seem appealing to you, the personalities on the screen will provide you with some great entertainment.

Recommendation: SEE IT!!!

I do not think the film has found distribution yet so use the information below to get your eyes on this film.

You can “LIKE” the film on Facebook by clickin’ here!!!
They have also set up a web page at which is set to be up and running the same day as this post hits.
AND… you can view the film’s trailer below:

SIDENOTE: I do believe that Heather and I are going to try and get Pablo on the podcast later this year so stay tuned for that.


  1. Hello, My name is Marty Karns. I am one of the people in Pablo’s movie. I just wanted to say thanks for watching and for the nice review. I have always felt my life was like a movie, and now it is. Thanks, Marty.

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