You can think what you will of the Paranormal Activity movies but I happen to be a HUGE fan. I can’t get enough! Luckily for those of you out there who share my feelings on these films, you are in for a treat. Apparently, 2 sequels were made for the film simultaneously. The other, “Tokyo Night”, is being released overseas but will undoubtedly make it’s way to the states on DVD soon enough. For those of you who were unaware of the other film, here’s a look at the admittedly less than impressive trailer. Though, it’s good enough to peak my interest… take a look:


  1. Interesting – an example of a poor film remake going in the other direction (ie. from the US to east Asia). Well I never thought I’d see the day! 😉

  2. I like the idea they took, though. A woman in a wheelchair… and having 2 simultaneous cameras. It’s original. It’d be a good one to do for Paranormal Activity 3. But would that make an American PA3 a sequel or a remake?

  3. So long as Paranormal Activity is in the title, I’m sold. Tokyo Night is a funny enough title to make me not take it seriously though.

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