My love of Zombies is no secret. So, with Halloween right around the corner, I thought we should take a look at the man behind the greatest Zombie movies of all time: George Romero. While “The Man”, a title he shares with his Doppelganger Stan Lee, has done some other great films, for our purposes here today we will focus on his groundbreaking Zombie films. Here’s the skinny on these 2 awesome trilogies:


Survival or “…” is the only real disappointment in the series for several reasons. For one, it’s not really a Zombie movie. It’s more of a story of feuding families set in a world full of Zombies. It’s also the first film to use characters from another film in the series. I always liked the series because there was no continuity. Each was a seperate tale of people trying to survive in this effed up world Romero created. Not to mention, it was unnecessary to do as it had no impact on the story and the characters used were merely side characters that pop up briefly in…


OK… Diary is not a bad film but it certainly lacks a certain I-don’t-know-what that the first 4 films had. However, I do like that Romero was still trying to make some social commentary on the world he saw around him. In this case the obsession with reality TV and social networking and the detriment it can be to humanity.


Day is a really good film for being made in the 80’s. It’s also the film where Romero began to explore the idea of the Zombies going from mindless monsters to self aware intelligent beings… a theory he would abandon 2 films later. A bit of a shame but a good film none the less.


The one with The Mentalist? You bet your ass the one with The Mentalist… and Dennis Hopper! This film takes a great look at humans trying to reestablish themselves and society again in the world. A world full of Zombies that are becoming intelligent… Uh-Oh!


Don’t get me wrong… this film is the Bible of Zombie films. Anyone who has never seen a Zombie film or who wants to make a Zombie film must start right here as this is the bar. However, it’s not the best watch. That honor goes to…


What can I say? It’s my favorite Horror movie of all time. Which is why I picked it for the next “Groovers & Mobsters Present…” set to go up on Halloween day. Check back then for more on this insanely good film!

12 Responses to “RANKING ROMERO”

  1. You know what? I completely agree with this order, believe it or not. I haven’t seen Survival, though, but I’m pretty sure it’d be dead last (pun intended).

  2. I would add Martin or the Creepshow 3 before Survival and Diary of the Dead.

    The original Dawn is awesome!

    • I was only ranking his Zombie films, Pablo, not his whole catalogue. Otherwise Creepshow, Bruiser and Monkey Shines probably would’ve shown up. Haven’t seen Martin but I hear it’s great!

  3. Never seen any of these.

    I suck.

  4. I haven’t seen Survival yet, but your rankings are solid. I think I like Day better than Land because of the awesome FX work by Tom Savini. I wish Romero would have stayed true to his promise and had only physical FX in Land. Oh well, it’s still fun.

    Diary gets a bad rap but I liked it a lot. The gore is super inventive.

    • Diary is not a bad film but it definitely deserves 5th place among the others! That’s more a testimony to how good the others are more than how bad Diary is or is not!

  5. I’ve only seen half of these, and I agree with your thoughts on Night Of The Living dead. I was just revisiting it myself and frankly it isn’t exactly and nail gripper but still enjoyable and definitely cool to really go back and see how the whole thing started.

  6. I don’t know what a nail gripper is. It’s new. I invented it.

  7. Pablo Pappano Says:

    Martin is really good. You guys need to see it.

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