It seems I have contracted a new strain of MEME. Special thanks to Marc at Go-See-Talk for that… I knew I should have used protection but he told me I had pretty eyes! Anyway, for this one, I am tasked with naming 15 directors who have helped shape the way I look at motion pictures. Here are my choices (in no particular order):

SIDENOTE: I could probably do a list of 100 so I just put down the first 15 that came to mind.

1. The Wachowski Brothers.

If you’re going to talk about filmmakers who changed the way you watch films, you have to mention the guys behind The Matrix. They literally changed the way action films were made by raising and setting the bar.

2-3. Kevin Smith & Robert Rodriguez.

Think what you will of their filmographies… these guys get my respect for using the Indie film movement to their advantage. Clerks and El Mariachi (both great films) were made for $26k and $7k respectively. Pennies by Hollywood standards.

3. Quentin Tarantino.

You can’t mention the Indie movement without mentioning it’s King. Tarantino redefined storytelling and even managed to survive his own popularity backlash to emerge an even better director. Something he proves everytime he picks up a camera.

4. George Romero.

I love Horror films and the Zombie is my favorite movie monster of all time. Romero is the grandfather of Zombie movies but changed the way I watch films by how he used them as a way to take an unflinching look at ourselves.

5. Steven Speilberg.

Simply put, Speilberg is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. The crazy thing is that he has made films I can identify with since the time I was 4,and up until today!

6. George Lucas.

Lucas can be as easy to hate as he is to love but the man didn’t just change the way I watch films. He changed films forever when he created Star Wars!

7. Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright is responsible for 2 of my all time favorite films (Scott Pilgrim & Shaun of the Dead). With Scott Pilgrim he did something no one else has ever done… take every song, sound, comic reference and image from my entire life and make a film that didn’t insult my ADD generation. It may have been a bit hipster but so are you!

8. Clint Eastwood.

I didn’t even know Clint directed until about 10 years ago. He is one of the few directors where I’m in regardless of what his movie is about. The thing I like most is that he hates rewriting scripts and allows very few takes but still manages to get such a great product every time.

9. Christopher Nolan.

His whole catalogue is insane but he makes this list because of Batman. I’m a comic book guy and Nolan just got it. He humanized the super human.

10. Danny Boyle.

I don’t know what it is that Boyle does that got him on this list but he sucks me in to every film he makes. Until he makes a bad film, I’d say he’s doing something that earns him a spot.

11. Rob Reiner.

Reiner hasn’t made a lot of good films recently but he always blew me away with not only how good his films were but how diverse. The man’s ability to deliver on everything from The Princess Bride to A Few Good Men to Spinal Tap to Stand By Me… the man’s got skillz.

12. Zach Snyder.

First director to not annoy me with CGI… in fact, Snyder is the first director to make me beg for more.

13. Paul Thomas Anderson.

PTA was born in the wrong century. A true artist in every sense of the word. Probably the best filmmaker of my generation and tells all stories like an old soul.

14. Martin Scorcese.

Like Speilberg, just one of the best to ever do it. My only problem with the man is that he thinks he can’t make a movie without DeNiro or DiCapprio.

15. Pixar.

It’s hard to narrow down one director from the Pixar bunch as they make the storytelling process such a collaborative effort. They also put out the best stories in Hollywood… and Cars.

Now, as is customary, I must pass this thing on like herpes. Here’s the lucky recipients:

My better blogger half: Heather Roddy at Movie Mobsters.
My new better half when California passes the law: Dylan Fields at Blog Cabins.
My podcasting compadre: Nick Jobe at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob.
My recent podcast guest: Jess at Insight Into Entertainment.
My blogging idols: Castor & Red  at Anomalous Material.

15 Responses to “15 DIRECTORS MEME”

  1. Love the Pixar choice and your last line”…and Cars”. Hahahaha, that got my Monday started off right:P

    Great call on the Wachowskis The Matrix was such a paradigm shift in film and an eye opener. Annnd there’s Romero. Knowing you, I’m surprised he’s above Lucas. Also I almost agree with you on Zombies being my favorite movie monster of all time; to me they are a very very close second to the Predator.

    • Glad I got a giggle outta you.
      This list wasn’t in order otherwise Lucas would’ve been above Romero.
      And Matrix is weird cuz it’s hard to remember films that have that big an effect on the films that follow them… to that extent at least.

  2. Great list of directors, each more groundbreaking than the other. Great to see give an homage to Pixar, they are the Disney’s of the 21st century!

    Thanks for the tag, Red and I are on it and will not drop the ball this time ahah 😉

  3. Editor In Chief Says:

    don’t you mean wachowski siblings?

  4. Kai, are you a fan of 30 Rock? If so, did you catch Thursday’s episode with Rob Reiner making fun of himself and Hollywood?

    And if you aren’t a fan, I am hurt.

  5. Great list:) That’s so weird, was just thinking the same about Scorsese yesterday and why he can’t have a movie without De Niro or Di Caprio. To be fair, I can understand De Niro, the man’s a legend. Di Caprio is becoming a better actor day by day, but in every Scorsese movie!!

  6. […] descripY, marginLeft: pullX }); } } }); } });Red: Kai, being the evil space monkey that he is, has tagged both of us in the latest and not so greatest Meme. We are currently thinking of ways to get back at […]

  7. Thanks for the tagging, mi esposo. But I already did this bad boy on the Spacebook. Here be my list: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/note.php?note_id=151794454858518

    The only one from your list that I really wish I had room for on mine is Wright, but I just can’t do it, captain!

  8. I liked doing this particular meme. An easy one to do. Though you and I seem to have very different taste, I was glad to see a few on here. Love PT Anderson (omitted him from my list simply because he has done so few thus far), and Clint is a worthy inclusion.

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